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Genre: Rock

Franz Ferdinand Lyrics - by Popularity

1 40 Ft
2 The Fallen (album version)
3 Right Action (Golden Teacher remix)
4 Outsiders (Ewan Pearson remix)
5 Cheating On You
6 If I Can't Have You Nobody Can
7 Bite Hard (1)
8 Live Alone
9 All for You, Sophia
10 Love Will Set You Free
11 The Darts of Pleasure
12 No You Girls (radio mix)
13 Walk Away
14 No You Girls - Live from Spotify New York
15 No You Girls (The Grizzl remix radio edit)
16 This Fffire (Rich Costey Re-Record)
17 Stand On the Horizon
18 What You Waiting For?
19 Outsiders (Remixed by Isolée)
20 Do You Want To (Erol Alkan remix)
21 Auf Achse (Live)
22 The Fallen (radio edit)
23 This Fire
24 Backwards Of My Face
25 Lucid Dreams (1)
26 Dream Again
27 Words So Leisured
28 Nineteen Hundred & Eighty Five
29 No You Girls (Vince Clark remix)
30 Evil and a Heathen
31 Darts of Pleasure / Jacqueline - Live
32 The Dark Side Of The Matinee
33 This Fffire (Playgroup Remix)
34 Fresh Strawberries
35 Jackie Jackson
36 Ghost in a Ditch
37 Evil Eye (Alan Braxe Remix)
38 Brief Encounters (Live)
39 The Fallen (original version)
40 Darts Of Pleasure
41 Eyes Of Mars
42 Katherine Kiss Me (1)
43 Katherine Kiss Me
44 Michael (live) (Radio Sessions KCRW, California)
45 Reach For The Dead
46 What She Came for (Drums of Death Remix)
47 You're the Reason I'm Leaving
48 Lucid Dreams - New Album Version
49 Take Me Out (Naum Gaubo mix)
50 Take Me Out (Morgan Geist Re-version)
51 Bullet
52 No
53 Fade Together (Avalanches remix)
54 Evil Eye (Alan Braxe Dub)
55 Can't Stop Feeling - Live from Avatar Studios
56 Do You Want To (Max Tundra remix)
57 Michael
58 Erdbeer Mund
59 Evil and a Heathen (1)
60 New Kind of Thrill
61 Tell Her Tonight (original demo)
62 Zebra
63 What She Came for (Tigerstyle Remix)
64 Well That Was Easy
65 Call me - Franz Ferdinand
66 Missing You
67 Love & Destroy
68 The Universe Expanded
69 Michael (Simon Bookish version)
70 Wine In the Afternoon
71 What You Meant (acoustic)
72 Evil Eye (The New Sins FREAK Version)
73 Swallow, Smile
74 Right Action (live from Avatar Studios)
75 Outsiders (JD Twitch and The Truffle club remix)
76 Come On Home
77 I’m Only Sleeping
78 You're the Reason I'm Leaving (1)
79 Anyone In Love
80 This Boy
81 Old Man
82 What She Came for (Lee Mortimer Vocal Remix)
83 Eleanor Put Your Boots On
84 Darts of Pleasure (Live)
85 Ulysses (The Disco Bloodbath Effect)
86 Darts of Pleasure (cut)
87 Brief Encounters
88 If I Can't Have You Then Nobody Can
89 L. Wells
90 Evil Eye (The New Sins FREAK Dub)
91 Dont Start
92 Love Illumination (live from Avatar Studios)
93 Eleanor Put Your Boots On (radio edit)
94 Shopping for Blood
95 Eighteen Is Over The Hill
96 What You Meant (1)
97 You Never Go Out Anymore
98 Take Me Out (Daft Punk remix)
99 Sweet Mountain
100 What She Came for (Lee Mortimer Dub)
101 I'm Your Villain
102 Eleanor Put Your Boots On (Live)
103 Your Diary (exclusive track - previously unreleased)
104 What You Meant
105 Goodbye Lovers & Friends
106 Backwards on My Face
107 Take Me Out (acoustic version)
108 The Fallen (acoustic)
109 Bullet (live from Avatar Studios)
110 Eleanor Put Your Boots On (original version)
111 Love and Destroy
112 Let There Be Drums
113 I'm Your Villain (1)
114 Feel the Pressure
115 Take Me Out (Naum Gabo remix)
116 Defibrillator
117 Ulysses (original version)
118 You Could Have It So Much Better
119 Katherine Kiss Me (Live)
120 Jeremy Fraser
121 Do You Want To (Erol Alkan's Glam Racket)
122 Ulysses (Ella Riot remix)
123 Call Me
124 Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow
125 Outsiders (JD Twitch & The Truffle club's Optimo Refreak)
126 Ulysses (Zomby 92 remix)
127 Lucid Dreams (Pre-Album Version)
128 Take Me Out (live from Avatar Studios)
129 Lucid Dreams
130 Truck Stop
131 New Town
132 You Could Have It So Much Better (1)
133 Die on the Floor
134 This Fffire
135 Evil Eye (In Flagranti Rework)
136 Ulysses (Max Tundra remix)
137 Fade Together
138 Turn It On (Live)
139 Michael (album version)
140 Do You Want To (LTD House re-edit)
141 Jaqueline
142 Be Afraid
143 All My Friends
144 Ulysses (Zomby 8 Bit remix)
145 Auf Acshe
146 No You Girls (live from Avatar Studios)
147 Ulysses (radio edit)
148 Auf Achse (Xfm live recording)
149 Connection
150 Outsiders (1)
151 The Vaguest of Feeling
152 Dark of the Matinée (Headman rave dub)
153 Demagogue (30 Days, 30 Songs)
154 The Dark of the Matinee
155 Outsiders
156 Evil Eye (Todd Terje extended mix)
157 Ulysses (album version)
158 The Fallen (Justice remix)
159 No You Girls (Gatto Fritto remix)
160 No You Girls (Noze Remix)
161 Dark of the Matinée (Headman remix)
162 Lucid Dreams (Original Version)
163 7. Cheating On You
164 Can’t Stop Feeling (live from Avatar Studios)
165 Ulysses
166 Take Me Out (live)
167 The Darkside
168 Leaving My Old Life Behind
169 Katherine Hit Me
170 Dark of the Matinée (Headman vocal remix)
171 What You Waiting For? - Live Lounge
172 The Lobster Quadrille
173 Get Away
174 Stand on the Horizon (Todd Terje extended mix)
175 Feeling Kind of Anxious
176 Do You Want To (Soft Pink Truth remix)
177 No You Girls (The Juan MacLean remix)
178 Forty Feet
179 This Fire (Playgroup remix)
180 No You Girls (Trentemøller remix)
181 40ft
182 The Dark of the Matinée (Live)
183 Turn It On
184 Michael (live)
185 Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 3
186 Can't Stop Feeling
187 Feel the Envy
188 Dark of the Matinée (Headman synth dub)
189 Can'™t Stop Feeling (Live)
190 No You Girls (Vince Clarke remix)
191 Your Diary
192 40′
193 No You Girls (album version)
194 Do You Want To (Metronomy remix)
195 No You Girls (Trentemøller remix edit)
196 Matinee
197 Michael (Thomas Eriksen remix)
198 Jacqueline
199 Micheal
200 The Fallen (Live)
201 No You Girls
202 Tell Her Tonight (home demo)
203 For The Love Of Money
204 Can’t Stop Feeling (1/2)
205 Feeling Kind of Anxious (Ulysses dub mix)
206 Matinée
207 Right Action - Live from Spotify New York
208 No You Girls (Nôze remix)
209 Fabulously Lazy
210 Treason! Animals.
211 I’m Your Villain
212 Outsiders (Isolée remix)
213 Can't Stop Feeling (Emperor Machine remix)
214 Right Action (Liv Spencer rework)
215 The Dark of the Matinée (Headman remix)
216 Tell Her Tonight
217 I'm Your Villian
218 Evil and a Heathen (Live)
219 Send Him Away
220 Tell Her Tonight (live)
221 More Bounce To The Ounce
222 Can’t Stop Feeling
223 Ulysses (Disco Bloodbath Effect)
224 Better in Hoboken
225 Love Illumination - Live from Spotify New York
226 No You Girls (Raffertie remix vocal)
227 Dark of the Matinée
228 Goodbye Lovers and Friends
229 Don't Start
230 Outsiders (live)
231 Can't Stop Feeling (Emperor Machine instrumental)
232 Right Action (Liv Spencer dub)
233 Sound and Vision
234 Take Me Out
235 Better On Holiday
236 Medley: Darts of Pleasure / Jacqueline (Live)
237 Twilight Omens
238 Truck Stop (Auf Achse)
239 Requiem Pour Un Con
240 Do You Want To
241 Ulysses (Mickey Moonlight remix)
242 Tell Her Tonight (Paul sings)
243 Bullet - Live from Spotify New York
244 No You Girls (Raffertie remix dub)
245 Walk Away (acoustic)
246 Love Illumination
247 Dark of the Matinee
248 The Fallen (Ruined by Justice)
249 Can't Stop Feeling (WhoMadeWho remix)
250 Right Action (Matias Aguayo remix)
251 Michael (Go Home Productions remix)
252 The Dark Of The Matinée
253 Call Me [Live]
254 The Dark of the Matinee (Live)
255 Bite Hard
256 Take Me Out (Naoum Gabo Re-version)
257 Disco Devil
258 Fallen
259 Ulysses (Keith & Supabeatz remix)
260 Get Up and Use Me
261 Can't Stop Feeling - Live from Spotify New York
262 No You Girls (John disco Reversion dub)
263 Walk Away (radio edit)
264 Right Action
265 The Fallen (Justice edit)
266 Jacqueline (live)
267 Can't Stop Feeling (Who Made Who Remix)
268 Right Action (Zero Set remix)
269 Walk Away (live)
270 Auf Achse
271 Kind Of Thrill
272 Stand On the Horizon (Tom Furse Extrapolation)
273 What She Came For
274 Van Tango
275 King Heroin
276 Evil & a Heathen
277 Getaway
278 The Fallen
279 Take Me Out - Live from Spotify New York
280 No You Girls (The Grizzl remix)
281 Walk Away (album version)
282 Evil Eye
283 The Fallen (Ruined by Justice remix)
284 I'm Your Villain (Remixed by Lindstrom)
285 No You Girls Never Know

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Franz Ferdinand Bio

Franz Ferdinand are a Scottish rock band that formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 2002. Named after Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the band comprises Alex Kapranos (lead vocals and guitar), Bob Hardy (bass guitar), Nick McCarthy (rhythm guitar, keyboards and backing vocals), and Paul Thomson (drums, percussion and backing vocals).

The band first experienced chart success when their second single "Take Me Out" reached #3 in the UK Charts, followed by their debut album Franz Ferdinand which debuted on the UK album chart at #3. The band went on to win the 2004 Mercury Music Prize and two BRIT Awards in 2005 for Best British Group and Best British Rock Act. NME named Franz Ferdinand as their Album of the Year. From the album, three top-ten singles were released, "Take Me Out", "The Dark of the Matinée" and "This Fire".

The members of Franz Ferdinand played in various bands during the 1990s including The Karelia, Yummy Fur, 10p Invaders and Embryo. Alex Kapranos and Paul Thomson played together in Yummy Fur and subsequently teamed up to write songs. Around the same time, Kapranos taught his friend Bob Hardy how to play bass. Kapranos met co-guitarist Nick McCarthy, who had returned to Scotland after studying jazz bass in Germany, in 2001.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franz_Ferdinand_(band)