Fountains Of Wayne Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Fountains Of Wayne Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Troubled Times
2 All Kinds of Time
3 Denise
4 Sink to the Bottom
5 The Valley of Malls
6 A Fine Day for a Parade
7 Stacy's Mom
8 I-95
9 Bright Future in Sales
10 Barbara H.
11 California Sex Lawyer
12 Joe Rey
13 Hey Julie
14 She's Got a Problem
15 You Curse At Girls
16 Utopia Parkway
17 Elevator Up
18 Amity Gardens
19 Mexican Wine
20 Someone to Love
21 Places
22 Go, Hippie
23 Peace and Love
24 I Want An Alien For Christmas
25 Fire Island
26 I've Got a Flair
27 It Must Be Summer
28 Leave the Biker
29 Laser Show
30 Hackensack
31 Please Don't Rock Me Tonight
32 Radiation Vibe
33 Prom Theme
34 Too Cool For School
35 Red Dragon Tattoo
36 Sick Day
37 Janice's Party
38 Half A Woman
39 Hate To See You Like This
40 This Better Be Good
41 Survival Car
42 Small Favors
43 Little Red Light
44 Radio Bar
45 Revolving Dora
46 Stacy
47 Killermont Street
48 You're Just Never Satisfied
49 Firelight Waltz
50 Michael and Heather at the Baggage Claim
51 Stacey's Mom
52 Cemetery Guns
53 Yolanda Hayes
54 Strapped for Cash
55 Can't Get It Out Of My Head (Live)
56 Chanukah Under The Stars
57 Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart (Single)
58 Hotel Majestic
59 City Folk Morning
60 The Story In Your Eyes
61 Planet of Weed
62 The Man In The Santa Suit
63 Nightlight
64 No Better Place
65 New Routine
66 Hat and Feet
67 The Summer Place
68 Valley Winter Song
69 Everything's Ruined
70 Seatbacks and Traytables
71 Better Things
72 Richie And Ruben
73 Halley's Waitress
74 Sense Into You
75 I Want You Around
76 stacy's mom THE RIGHT LYRICS
77 Trains & Boats & Planes
78 Acela
79 Hung Up on You
80 You Gotta Go
81 Imperia
82 Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart
83 Bought for a Song
84 Comedienne
85 Action Hero
86 Supercollider
87 Lost in Space
88 Stacies Mom
89 Baby One More Time
90 A Dip In The Ocean
91 Yours and Mine
92 I'll Do The Driving
93 Cold Comfort Flowers
94 Adam's Mom
95 I Know You Well
96 These Days
97 A Road Song
98 Traffic and Weather
99 The Senator's Daughter
100 Kid Gloves
101 '92 Subaru
102 Workingman’s Hands
103 Fire in the Canyon

Fountains Of Wayne Bio

Fountains of Wayne is an American power pop band that formed in New York City in 1996. The band consists of members Chris Collingwood, Adam Schlesinger, Jody Porter and Brian Young.

The group was formed by songwriters Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood. The two first met as freshmen at Williams College and began playing music together in various bands. They eventually went their separate ways, with Collingwood forming the Mercy Buckets in Boston and Schlesinger forming Ivy in New York City. The two met up once again during the mid-1990s and formed Fountains of Wayne.

Initially the band went by other names, including Are You My Mother? and Woolly Mammoth, before settling on Fountains of Wayne, taken from a lawn ornament store in Wayne, New Jersey. The store was located at the intersection of U.S. Route 46 and New Jersey Route 23, not far from Montclair, New Jersey, the hometown of the band's bassist and co-founder Adam Schlesinger. The store can be seen in The Sopranos episode "Another Toothpick" as well.
The store went out of business in 2009.