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Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

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Force M.d.'s Bio

The Force MDs are an American R&B vocal group, that was formed in 1981 in Staten Island, New York. Although the group has old school hip hop roots, they are perhaps best known for two tunes that are widely considered 1980s quiet storm classics, "Tender Love" and "Love is a House." They are considered major forerunners of the new jack swing movement.

The Force M.D.'s originally called themselves the L.D.s, then the Force MCs, but ultimately preferred MD, which is short for Musical Diversity. Though the group was not quite always as recognizable as other New York R&B acts when it first started, the Force M.D.'s were among the first R&B vocal groups to intermix doo-wop-affected consonances with hip-hop beats.

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