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Genre: Pop

Five Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Five Megamix
2 You And I
3 You Make Me A Better Man
4 Can You Jam
5 Serious
6 Shake
7 Human
8 Baby When The Lights Go Out
9 Take Your Chances On Me
10 If You Wanna Dance
11 It's All Over
12 Everybody Get Up (Radio Edit)
13 Mr. Z
14 My Song
15 It's Alright
16 Slam Dunk da Funk (extended mix)
17 12345
18 Got the Feelin' (Radio Edit)
19 On Top Of The World
20 Don't You Want It
21 How Do Ya Feel
22 Let's Dance
23 All Around
24 Until the Time Is Through
25 Reminiscing
26 Slam Dunk The Funk
27 Closer to Me - Radio Edit
28 Everyday
29 Lets Dance
30 Battlestar
31 Breakdown
32 Let's Dance (Radio Edit)
33 Satisfied
34 Satisfield
35 When The Lights Go Out
36 If Ya Gettin' Down - Live
37 We're Going All Night (You Make Me High)
38 It's all over[Chorus:]
39 Lay All Your Lovin' On Me
40 Keep on Movin' - Live
41 C'mon C'mon
42 Cold Sweat
43 Battle star
44 Rock The Party
45 Don't Wanna Let You Go - Live
46 We Will Rock You (feat. Queen) (single version)
47 Coming Back For More
48 Stop Pushing Me
49 Rock The Party (Single Remix)
50 Closer To Me
51 Everybody Get Up - Live
52 Keep On Movin' (World Cup 2002 Remix)
53 Slam Dunk (Da Funk) (radio edit)
54 Don't Fight It Baby
55 Straight Up Funk
56 Let's Get It On
57 It's the Things You Do (US Version)
58 Got the Feeling
59 Every Beat
60 Sunshine
61 Something In The Air
62 Until the Time Is Through (International Version)
63 Got the Feelin'
64 Feel The Love
65 Switch
66 If Ya Getting Down
67 Closer To Me - Single Remix
68 Don't Wanna Let You Go (US Edit)
69 Keep on Movin'
70 Hear Me Now
71 Set Me Free
72 Don't Wanna Let You Go - Radio Edit
73 Human (The Five Remix)
74 It’s Alright
75 Until the Time Is Through - Radio Edit
76 It's The Things You Do
77 Everybody Get Up
78 How Do Ya Feel (Paul Masterson club remix)
79 Invincible
80 The Heat
81 That's What You Told Me
82 When I Remember When
83 Sometimes
84 When the Lights Go Out (radio edit)
85 We Will Rock You
86 When The Lights Go Out - US Remix
87 Inspector Gadget
88 Five Greatest Hits Megamix (Jewels & Stone remix)
89 Slam Dunk (Da Funk)
90 It's The Things You Do (Radio Edit)
91 We're Going All Night
92 Partyline 555-on-line
93 Don't Wanna Let You Go
94 Got the Feelin' (Live)
95 If Ya Gettin' Down
96 It's The Things You Do (US)
97 World Of Mine
98 Everybody Get Up - Radio Mix
99 Two Sides to Every Story
100 Keep on Movin' (The Five a Side mix)
101 When The Light Go Out

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Five Bio

Five (stylised as 5ive) are an English boy band consisting of members Sean Conlon, Ritchie Neville, and Scott Robinson. They were formed in 1997 by the same team that managed the Spice Girls before they launched their career. The group were mostly known as a five-piece, consisting of Robinson, Neville, Conlon, Abz Love and Jason "J" Brown. Five enjoyed remarkable success worldwide, particularly in the United Kingdom, most of Europe, and Asia. The group have currently based on BPI certifications sold a minimum of 1.5 million albums and 2 million singles in the UK alone. They split up on 27 September 2001 after selling 20 million records worldwide.

Robinson, Love, Neville, and Brown briefly reformed the group without Conlon (who departed before their 2001 split) in September 2006, with a new management team headed by music manager Richard Beck. Eight months later, having secured a lucrative tour but failing to gain enough record company interest, Five made an announcement via their official website that they would again disband.

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