Genre: Christian

FIVE IRON FRENZY Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Plan B
2 Combat Church
3 The Greatest Story Ever Told
4 Giants
5 Fahrenheit
6 Oh, Canada
7 Beautiful America
8 Four-Fifty-One
9 Farsighted
10 Combat Chuck
11 Cool Enough For You
12 Rhubarb Pie
13 Pre-Ex-Girlfriend
14 Mayonnaise Taco Monday
15 Spartan
16 All That Is Good
17 Me Oh My
18 The Day We Killed
19 Dandelions
20 Milestone
21 Vultures
22 Get Your Riot Gear
23 My Evil Plan To Save The World
24 Third World Think Tank
25 Blue Comb '78
26 Where Zero Meets Fifteen
27 Fistful Of Sand
28 Handbook For The Sellout
29 Most Likely To Succeed
30 Arnold And Willis And Mr. Drumond
31 Marty
32 Battle Dancing Unicorns with Glitter
33 Far Far Away
34 Mind For Treason
35 Into Your Veins
36 Second Season
37 Dog Food
38 It Was a Dark & Stormy Night
39 Juggernaut
40 Suckerpunch
41 Someone Else's Problem
42 Hurricanes
43 Superpowers
44 Everywhere I Go
45 Abraham Lincoln Beard Part 1
46 I Am Jack's Smirking Revenge
47 I Still Like Larry
48 Where Is Micah?
49 Faking Life
50 So Far
51 It's Not Unusual
52 I Feel Lucky
53 Kingdom Of The Dinosaurs
54 Zen & the Art of Xenophobia
55 It's So Hot I'm Going To Have A Heatstroke
56 We Own the Skies
57 Solidarity
58 Old West
59 You Gotta Get Up
60 Against a Sea of Troubles
61 You Can't Handle This
62 Shut Up
63 Cannonball
64 God Hates Flags
65 The Phantom Mullet
66 Banner Year
67 One Girl Army
68 Chew Water
69 Ugly Day
70 Sweet Talkin' Woman
71 Where The Zero Meets The Fifteen
72 Canada
73 World Without End
74 Every New Day
75 The Untimely Death Of Brad
76 Burn
77 You Probably Shouldn't Move Here
78 A Flowery Song
79 Arnold And Willis And Mr. Drumondd
80 I've Seen the Sun
81 Blue Mix
82 Kitty Doggy
83 Amalgamate
84 Blizzards & Bygones
85 All The Hype
86 Car
87 Litmus
88 Anthem
89 Kamikaze
90 To Start a Fire
91 A New Hope
92 Eulogy


Five Iron Frenzy (also known as Five Iron or FIF) was a Christian ska band formed in Denver, Colorado in 1995 and disbanded in 2003.

The band's music was most heavily influenced by ska and punk rock, but their influences also include heavy metal. Their songs often include salsa-style shouting, sophisticated literary and music references, and elaborate trombone solos. The band was signed to 5 Minute Walk in 1996, and stayed with the label for nine of its releases. Two other albums were self-released, and another was released through Asian Man Records.

The band never received any significant music industry awards, and received relatively little attention in mainstream media. Their biggest national exposure came when their song, "Oh, Canada" (which referenced William Shatner), appeared on the TV series Boston Legal (in which Shatner stars) in October 2005, almost two years after their last show. Over the course of their career they sold close to one million units in total.

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