Five For Fighting Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Five For Fighting Lyrics - by Popularity

1 100 Years
2 Slice
3 The Riddle
4 The Last Great American
5 Chances
6 Dying
7 Story Of Your Life
8 I Just Love You
9 Tuesday
10 Alright
11 If God Made You
12 Transfer
13 Bloody Mary (A Note on Apathy)
14 Nowhere Bar
15 Two Lights
16 Jainy
17 The Devil in the Wishing Well
18 Love Song
19 The Beautiful
20 Michael Jordan
21 Out of Love
22 Freedom Never Cries
23 Superman
24 Nobody
25 This Dance
26 America Town
27 Bloody Mary's For All
28 Policeman's Xmas Party
29 White Picket Fence
30 Do you Mind? (Hidden track)
31 Augie Nieto
32 Easy Tonight
33 65 Mustang
34 Your Man
35 Superman (It's Not Easy) (New Version)
36 Superman (It's Not Easy) (live at House of Blues)
37 Angels and Girlfriends
38 Superman (It's Not Easy) (Acoustic Version)
39 What If
40 European B-Side
41 100 Years (live at House of Blues)
42 NYC Weather Report
43 Sister Sunshine (Non-Album track)
44 Superman (It's Not Easy) [Live] ((Live at House of Blues))
45 Superman (It's Not Easy)
46 World
47 Road To Heaven (live at House of Blues)
48 Infidel
49 2+2 Makes Five (Non-Album Track)
50 The Riddle (Live)
51 Love Can’t Change the Weather
52 Nobody (live at House of Blues)
53 Disneyland
54 Above The Timberline
55 Bellla's Birthday Cake
56 Chances (Live)
57 Something about You
58 Superman (It’s Not Easy)
59 Policeman's Xmas Party (live at House of Blues)
60 Maybe I
61 Note To The Unknown Soldier
62 I Don’t Want Your Love
63 Slice (Live)
64 The Best
65 Note To An Unknown Soldier
66 Superman (It's Not Easy) - Bob Clearmountain Mix
67 Sister Sunshine
68 Jupiter Moon
69 Rebel
70 65 Mustang (Live)
71 Freedom Never Cries (live at House of Blues)
72 Superman (It’s Not Easy) (Bob Clearmountain mix)
73 One More for Love
74 All for One
75 She's My Girl
76 Freedom Never Cries (Live)
77 10 Miles from Nowhere
78 World (live at House of Blues)
79 Bella's Birthday Cake
80 The Taste
81 Day I Died
82 Road To You
83 100 Years (Live)
84 2 Frogs
85 California Justice (live at House of Blues)
86 Silent Night
87 Born to Win
88 Stand Up
89 Tuesday (Live)
90 Day By Day
91 The Riddle (live at House of Blues)
92 Timberline
93 Superman (It's No Easy)
94 I Don't Want Your Love
95 I Just Love You (Live)
96 Happy
97 65 Mustang (live at House of Blues)
98 Road To Heaven
99 Something About You (Theme from the Baby Borrowers)
100 You'll Never Change
101 If God Made You (Live)
102 Ocean
103 NYC Weather Report (live at House of Blues)
104 Hope
105 Johnny America
106 If God Made You (Acoustic Version)
107 The Day I Died
108 Easy Tonight (Live)
109 The Garden
110 Two Lights (live at House of Blues)
111 Rebel (Bonus Track)
112 Down
113 Boat Parade
114 Superman (It's Not Easy) [Live]
115 I Just Love You (live at House of Blues)
116 Love Can't Change The Weather
117 California Justice
118 100 Years (Acoustic Version)
119 Symphony Lane
120 NYC Weather Report (Live)
121 Do You Mind
122 If God Made You (live at House of Blues)
123 '65 Mustang
124 Heaven Knows
125 Hope (Live)
126 The Last Great American (New Last Verse (9/15/2001))
127 Easy Tonight (live at House Of Blues)

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Five For Fighting Bio

Five for Fighting is the stage name of American singer-songwriter John Ondrasik. His 2000 album America Town went Platinum in the U.S. largely because of the success of the song "Superman (It's Not Easy)". The 2004 album The Battle for Everything was also certified Platinum, mainly due to the hit single "100 Years" and the consistent sales of the album. Ondrasik has also released a DualDisc of his 2004 album which has one side containing The Battle for Everything in its entirety and the other side being a DVD containing bonus footage and Five For Fighting music videos. Five for Fighting's fourth album, Two Lights, was released on August 1, 2006, and earned Ondrasik his first career Top 10 Album, debuting at #8 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart. Five for Fighting's fifth album, Slice, was released on October 13, 2009, and the first single off the album, called "Chances", was released on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 for download.

John Ondrasik was born on January 7, 1965 in Los Angeles, a child of a musical family. In his early years, Ondrasik learned the piano. As a teenager, he learned how to play the guitar and started to write music. While he also learned to sing opera briefly, he quickly decided that he would like to be a singer/songwriter. Ondrasik went to college at UCLA and graduated with a degree in applied science and mathematics continuing to pursue music in his spare time. He adopted the name "Five for Fighting," which is an expression in ice hockey when a player receives a five-minute penalty for fighting.

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