Fischer-Z Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Fischer-Z Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Ho Ho Ho
2 Radio K I L L
3 Berlin
4 The Worker
5 Marguerite Yourcenar
6 Of All The
7 Killing Time
8 Headlines
9 Crazy Girl
10 Haters
11 The Peaches And Cream
12 Leave It To The Businessmen To Die Young
13 Oh Mother
14 Song And Dance Brigade
15 Going Deaf For A Living
16 Pretty Paracetamol
17 I Can'l Wait That Long
18 So Long
19 Realistic Man
20 So Far
21 Billy And The Motorway Police
22 She Said
23 Saturday Night
24 Sticky Business
25 Marlon
26 The Writer
27 Lemmings
28 Say When
29 Polythene
30 Wristcutter's Lullaby
31 Lies
32 So Hard
33 Four Minutes In Durham (With You)
34 You'l Never Find Brian Here
35 Big Drum
36 Nice To Know
37 Still In Flames
38 Stars
39 Fighting Back The Tears
40 Tightrope
41 Stripper In The Mirror
42 Heartbeat
43 Remember Russia
44 Time For Rita
45 Limbo
46 Spiders
47 Will You Be There?
48 No Right
49 Bathroom Scenarion
50 It Takes Iove
51 The French Let Her
52 Pickup, Slip Up
53 Battalions Of Strangers
54 Huba
55 Room Service
56 Marguerite
57 Wax Dolls
58 Caruso
59 It Could Be You
60 Cruise Missiles
61 You'll Never Find Brian Here
62 Count To Ten
63 It's Only A Hurricane
64 The Crank
65 In England
66 Luton To Lisbon
67 Destination Paradise
68 Just Words
69 And This We Call Crime
70 Lutton To Lisabon
71 Tallulah Tomorrow
72 Red Skies Over Paradise (A Brighton Dream)
73 Further From Love
74 Masquerade
75 Blue Anemone
76 Marliese
77 The Perfect Day
78 Untitled Track
79 Human Beings
80 Multinationals Bites
81 Acrobats
82 Mockingbird Again
83 Say No
84 Kamikaze Shirt
85 Red Skies Over Paradise (A Brigthon Dream)

Fischer-Z Bio

Fischer-Z were a British rock band, who released nine albums between 1979 and 2002. The original line-up consisted of John Watts (vocals, guitar), David Graham (bass), Steve Skolnik (keyboards) and Steve Liddle (drums).

Fischer-Z's biggest hit was "The Worker", one of the few records to go down the chart, after being featured on BBC Television's Top Of The Pops. In an interview in Record Mirror in 1981, Watts put this down to the remix of the song from the album version which put the emphasis on the keyboards rather than his guitar. Watts's lyrics drew heavily on his experiences as a mental health care worker. They were more popular in mainland Europe than their native UK - particularly Portugal, Belgium and Germany, where Watts continued to have hits as a solo artist after he decided to break the band up. They were most successful of all in Australia, where they achieved two Top 20 hits with "So Long" and "The Perfect Day".

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