FireHouse Lyrics

Genre: Rock

FireHouse Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Don't Walk Away
2 Love Of A Lifetime
3 Rock On The Radio
4 Meaning Of Love
5 The Candle And The Flame
6 Relating Dudes To Jazz
7 I Live My Life For You
8 The Meaning Of Love
9 All She Wrote
10 Seven Bridges Road
11 You're Too Bad
12 Acid Rain
13 Helpless
14 Lover's Lane
15 Get In Touch
16 Hold Your Fire
17 You Are My Religion
18 No One at All
19 In Your Perfect World
20 When I Look Into Your Eyes
21 Bringing Me Down
22 Under The Influence Of Meat Puppets
23 Overnight Sensation
24 Get Ready
25 I'd Do Anything
26 Mama Didn't Raise No Fool
27 Reach for the Sky
28 Life Goes On
29 Temptation
30 Sleeping with You
31 Unbelievable
32 Here for You
33 Whats Wrong
34 Jumpin'
35 Dont Treat Me Bad
36 Can't Stop The Pain
37 Don't Treat Me Bad
38 Home Is Where the Heart Is
39 Things Could Turn Around
40 Arrow Through My Heart
41 This
42 Day, The Week, And The Weather, The
43 Oughta Be A Law
44 Dream
45 Overnight Sensation*
46 Shake & Tumble
47 Shake And Tumble*
48 Shake and Tumble
49 Love Is A Dangerous Thing
50 If It Changes
51 Hold The Dream*
52 Hold The Dream
53 Another Theory Shot To Shit
54 What's Wrong
55 The Day, The Week, And The Weather
56 All She Wrote*
57 Brave Captain
58 Somethin''Bout Your Body
59 The Nights Were Young
60 Love Of A Lifetime*
61 Life In The Real World
62 Caroms
63 Trying To Make A Living
64 Have Mercy
65 Don't Treat Me Bad*
66 Chemical Wire
67 Get A Life
68 Arrow
69 Reach For The Sky*
70 Choose Any Memory
71 Two Sides
72 When I Look Into Your Eyes*
73 Rock You Tonight
74 It Matters
75 Seasons Of Change
76 Christmas With You
77 Locked-In
78 I Need You Now (More Than Words Can Say)
79 Talk Of The Town
80 On Your Knees
81 Love Don't Care
82 Perfect Pairs

FireHouse Bio

FireHouse is an American hard rock band formed in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1989. The band reached stardom during the early 1990s with hit singles like "Don't Treat Me Bad" and "All She Wrote", as well as their signature ballads "I Live My Life for You", "Love of a Lifetime", and "When I Look Into Your Eyes". At the 1992 American Music Awards, FireHouse won the award for Best New Hard Rock/Metal Band. They were chosen over Nirvana and Alice in Chains.

Despite diminishing success in the United States as the decade progressed, the band remained very popular in Asia, mainly in countries like Japan, Thailand, and Singapore. FireHouse continued to release new material throughout the late 1990s and into the early 2000s, most of which has successfully charted in Japan. The band has also continued to tour internationally as of 2007, having participated twice in the annual Rock Never Stops Tour with other bands of the 1980s. FireHouse is estimated to have sold 7 million albums worldwide since their debut.

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