Fatboy Slim Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Fatboy Slim Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Fat Boy Slim - Right Here, Right Now
2 Michael Jackson
3 Praise You
4 Rockafella Skank
5 Love Life
6 Funk Soul Brother
7 Drop The Hate (Laid Mix)
8 Weapon Of Choice
9 The Weekend Starts Here
10 Acid 8000
11 Give The Po'man A Break
12 Punk To Funk
13 Sound Of Milwaukee
14 Demons
15 Love Island
16 Song For Shelter
17 Put It Back Together
18 Praise you like i should
19 Who Is Ready To Jump?
20 Talking About My Baby
21 Toda Menina Baiana (Ashley Beedle’s Black Bahia Rework)
22 Gangsta Trippin'
23 L'Amour / The Bass Kick In Miami, Bitch
24 North West Three
25 Santa Cruz
26 Where's Your Head At?
27 Aldeia De Ogum (Psychemagik Remix)
28 Surra de Bunda (Sidney Samson Remix)
29 Song For Chesh
30 The World Went Down
31 Samba Do Mundo
32 Ya Mama
33 Princesa Negra De Angola (Doorly Remix)
34 Sho Nuff
35 Up / Right Here, Right Now
36 Get Naked (Fatboy Slim vs Futuristic Polar Bears Remix)
37 Dub Be Good To Me
38 Next To Nothing
39 Taj Mahal (Felguk Remix)
40 Because We Can
41 Keepee Uppee
42 Traction
43 El Bebe Masoquista
44 10th & Crenshaw
45 Magalenha (DJ Fresh Remix)
46 Quebra La Que Eu Quebro
47 Everybody Needs A 303
48 Reflux
49 In Heaven
50 Slash Dot Dash
51 Eparrei
52 Build It Up - Tear It Down
53 Origem (Claude Vonstroke Remix)
54 Kendo
55 Don't Let The Man Get You Down
56 The Rockafella Skank
57 Celebration Suite (Joey Negro Mix)
58 Fucking In Heaven
59 Build It Up
60 Build It Up,Tear It Down
61 Knuf Ot Knup
62 Madalena (Gregor Salto Remix)
63 Gangster Trippin'
64 The Joker
65 It Just Won't Do (Dub)
66 Talking Bout My Baby
67 O Cavaleiro E Os Moinhos (Yousef Remix)
68 How Could They Hear Us
69 Push and Shove
70 R Kelly
71 The Whip
72 Drop The Hate
73 Sensualizar (Nervo Remix)
74 Kalifornia
75 Always Read The Label
76 Illuminati
77 Wonderful Night (Wonderful Nightclub Remix)
78 Long Way from Home
79 Everybody Loves A Carnival
80 Gangster Tripping
81 The Journey
82 Strings Of Life (Supernova Remix)
83 Mad Flava
84 Put Your Hands Up For Brasil (Fatboy Slim Edit)
85 Going Out of My Head
86 Jack It Up (DJ Delite)
87 Don't Let The Man
88 Wake Up Call
89 Retox
90 Stuttgart (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)
91 Right Here, Right Now
92 Song For Lindy
93 The Rockafeller Skank (Short Edit)
94 First Down
95 Take Control / Sunset (Bird Of Prey)
96 Weapon Of Choice (Versao Salvador)
97 Soul Surfing
98 The Rockafeller Skank
99 I Left My Wallet In El Segundo (Vampire Mix)
100 Noise (Robbie Rivera Mix)
101 Star 69
102 Agibore (DJ Marky’s Ye-Mele Rework)
103 The Rockafellar Skank
104 The Sound Of Milwaukee
105 That Old Pair Of Jeans
106 Clubs
107 Sunset (Bird Of Prey)
108 Maracatu Atomico (Greg Wilson & Derek Kaye Remix)
109 You're Not From Brighton
110 Sho

Fatboy Slim Bio

Norman Quentin Cook (born Quentin Leo Cook, 31 July 1963), also known by the stage name Fatboy Slim, is a British DJ, big beat musician, record producer and pioneer of the electronic dance genre that achieved mainstream popularity in the 1990s. Cook has achieved considerable success in the UK charts, performing as Fatboy Slim and with The Housemartins, Beats International and Freak Power. He currently performs as the Brighton Port Authority.

Quentin Leo Cook was raised in Reigate, Surrey, England, and was educated at Reigate Grammar School with Harry Dent who is also a Dubstep DJ. He started a punk fanzine titled Peroxide with his neighbour Andrew Thomas, now publisher of Communicate magazine, and art student Ian McKay (formerly Laidlaw). Contemporary with his publishing activities, he played drums in Disque Attack (a British new-wave-influenced rock band). When singer Charlie Alcock was told by his parents that he had to give up the band to concentrate on his O levels, Quentin took over as lead vocalist. At Reigate College he also met Paul Heaton with whom he formed the Stomping Pondfrogs. At 18, he went to the Brighton Polytechnic to study a BA in English, politics and sociology. Although he had begun DJing some years before, it was at this time that he began to develop his skills on the thriving Brighton club scene.

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