Fat Freddy's Drop Lyrics

Genre: Jazz

Fat Freddy's Drop Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Roady (The Nextmen Burger Edit)
2 Midnight Marauders - Live In Munich
3 The Raft (Live At Roundhouse)
4 Soldier
5 Ray Ray (live at Brixton Academy, London)
6 Shiverman
7 Flashback (Jazzanova Mashed Bag mix)
8 Roady (album version)
9 This Room (Live)
10 Hope (3 Generations Walking remix)
11 Cay’s Crays
12 This Room (live at BBS Maida Vale Studios)
13 Hope
14 Ernie
15 Roady (The Nextmen's Walnut mix)
16 Midnight Marauders (Live)
17 Wandering Eye (Radio Edit)
18 Wild Wind
19 Flashback
20 Willow Tree (live)
21 Roady (Radio Edit)
22 Slings and Arrows
23 Razor
24 Wandering Eye (Live Italia Reprise)
25 Breakthrough
26 Cay's Crays (Digital Mystikz remix)
27 Pull the Catch
28 Roady (music video)
29 Slings & Arrows
30 Makkan
31 Flashback (Live at Roundhouse 2008) [Bonus Track]
32 Cay's Crays
33 Hope (Radio Edit)
34 Flashback (Jazzanovas Mashed Bag)
35 Cay's Crays (Kalbata remix)
36 Ray Ray (music video)
37 The Camel (Live)
38 The Camel (Instrumental)
39 Dark Days
40 Hope (Live at the Surgery)
41 Midnight Marauders (live version)
42 Cay's Crays (Blood & Fire vs. Deep Sounds remix)
43 Never Moving
44 The Raft (Live)
45 Roady (The Nextmen Walnut Remix)
46 Boondigga
47 Cay's Crays (Artificial Intelligence remix)
48 Flashback (Jazzanova's Mash Bag mix)
49 Ray Ray
50 Bohannon
51 Flashback (Live)
52 Roady (The Nextmen's Walnut Remix)
53 Flashback (Jazzanova's Breathe Easy mix)
54 Del Fuego
55 Runnin
56 Flashback (Jazzanova's Mashed Bag)
57 Wairunga Blues
58 10 Feet Tall
59 Pull the Catch (Live)
60 Roady (The Nextmen's Burger Remix)
61 Roady
62 Big BW
63 Rain
64 Wandering Eye
65 Wheels
66 The Nod (Live)
67 Roady (The Nextmen's Burger Edit)
68 Ray Ray (live at Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh)
69 Flashback (Jazzanova's Breathe Easy Remix)
70 No Parking
71 This Room
72 Fish In The Sea
73 Shiverman (Live)
74 Clean the House
75 Roady (live at Academy 2, Manchester)
76 Roady (feat. Joe Dukie)
77 Bounce
78 Cay's Crays (Digital Mystikz version)
79 Cortina Motors
80 The Camel (Live at Roundhouse)
81 Mother Mother
82 Breakthrough (live at Maria, Berlin)
83 Midnight Marauders
84 Flashback (Jazzanova's Mashed Bag remix)
85 The Nod
86 Seconds
87 Novak
88 Flashback (Live at Roundhouse)
89 Silver and Gold
90 Breakthrough (live at Sonar, Barcelona)
91 Ray Ray (Slope remix)
92 Roady (Fat Freddy's Drop edit)
93 Midnight Marauders (live at Algarve Summer Festival, Portugal)
94 Ernie (Live At Café Moskau)
95 Pull the Catch (Live at Roundhouse)
96 Blackbird
97 Cay's Crays' (live at Cabaret Sauvage, Paris)
98 Roady (The Nextmen Burger Mix)
99 Roady (The Nextmen Walnut mix)
100 Del Fuego (Carl Borg remix)
101 This Room - Live In Munich
102 The Nod (Live at Roundhouse)
103 Russia
104 Wandering Eye (live at Algarve Summer Festival, Portugal)
105 The Raft
106 Roady (The Nextmen Burger remix)
107 Roady (Walnut Remix)
108 Shiverman - Live In Munich
109 Shiverman (Live at Roundhouse)
110 Bones
111 Wandering Eye (music video)
112 The Camel
113 Roady (The Nextmen Burger remix edit)

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Fat Freddy's Drop Bio

Seven-piece band from Wellington, New Zealand, whose musical style has been characterised as any combination of dub, reggae, soul, jazz, rhythm and blues, and techno. Originally a jam band formed in the late 1990s by musicians from other bands in Wellington, Fat Freddy’s Drop gradually became its members' sole focus. Band members continued playing with their other respective groups—The Black Seeds, TrinityRoots, Bongmaster, and others—for much of their 11-year career. Fat Freddy’s Drop are known for their improvised live performances; songs on their studio albums are versions refined over years of playing them live in New Zealand, and on tour abroad.