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Genre: Rock

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Bonehead (also known as Familiar 48) were an American alternative rock band active in the late 1990s and early 2000s. They are best known for their US radio hit, "The Question".

Bonehead was formed in 1994 by Stone Groove Productions as a Philadelphia area nightclub cover band. A trademark of the band was during sets a group of die hard Bonehead fans would do different pro wrestling gestures usually getting a response from Scott. By 1997, the band released an EP of original music, entitled "Bonehead". This EP was mainly available for purchase at the band's live performances & sold well enough to justify a follow-up effort. Their next release was a CD single for the song "I Know" in 1998 on Vulgar Entertainment; their first LP was 1999's Fade, also released on Vulgar. After discovering that the name "Bonehead" was very similar to another band with national aspirations, the band changed names in 2000 to Familiar 48.


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