Faithless Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Faithless Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Bring My Family Back (Paul Van Dyk Mix)
2 Tweak Your Nipple
3 North Star
4 Hour of Need (Skinny Mix)
5 God Is a DJ
6 Giving Myself Away
7 Hour of Need
8 If Lovin' You Is Wrong
9 Insomnia (Monster Mix Edit)
10 Mass Destruction
11 Sun To Me
12 Not Going Home
13 Evergreen
14 Reverence (Tamsin's remix)
15 Take the Long Way Home (End of the Road Mix)
16 Bring My Family Back
17 Postcards
18 One Step Too Far Featuring Dido
19 Why Go?
20 Hem of His Garment
21 Crazy English Summer
22 Donny X
23 Postcards (Rewritten Mix)
24 Salva Mea
25 Fade Into You
26 Flowerstand man (Matty's remix)
27 Mass Destruction (Radio Edit) [Single Version]
28 No Roots
29 The Garden
30 Take the Long Way Home
31 Fatty Boo
32 She's My Baby
33 Killer's Lullaby
34 Not Enuff Love
35 Insomia (Monster Mix)
36 Comin' Around
37 Angeline
38 Muhammad Ali
39 The Man In You
40 Mushrooms
41 Don't Leave Me
42 Don't Leave
43 Reverence
44 Spiders, Crocodiles & Kryptonite
45 Sunday 8pm
46 What About Love
47 Bluegrass
48 Muhammed Ali
49 Sweep
50 Flowerstand Man
51 Miss U Less, See U More
52 Swingers
53 Tarantula
54 I Want More, Pt. 2
55 Introduction
56 God Is a DJ (Yes He Is)
57 Miss You Less, See You More
58 I Want More - Pt. 1
59 Pastoral
60 The Garden (End Of Summer Intro)
61 I Want More, Part 1
62 I Want More
63 Mass Destruction (P*Nut & Sister Bliss Mix)
64 We Come 1
65 Killer's Lullaby (Nightmares on Wax Mix)
66 Lost Not Found
67 Why Go? (Radio Mix)
68 Love Is My Condition
69 Last This Day
70 We Come One
71 Feelin Good
72 We Come
73 Liontamer
74 In The End
75 Reasons
76 Flyin' HI
77 Feel Me
78 Everything Will Be Alright Tomorrow
79 Baseball Cap
80 Addictive
81 Crazy Bal'Heads
82 Code
83 Dirty Ol' Man
84 Another Night In
85 My Life
86 To All New Arrivals
87 Bombs
88 Machines R Us
89 Hope & Glory
90 Music Matters
91 Woozy
92 One Step Too Far
93 A Kind Of Peace
94 I Hope
95 Love Lives On My Street

Faithless Bio

Faithless are a British electronica band consisting of Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo. The group is known most famously for their dance songs ("Insomnia", "God Is a DJ" and "We Come 1"). Faithless have recorded several albums offering a wide variety and blend of styles.

The three principal members of Faithless are Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo. The band was formed in 1995, the debut single "Salva Mea (Save Me)" was released that same year. Jazz acts as a vocalist in mostly rap format with lyrics that have strong spiritual or socio-political content. Bliss constructs most of the music herself electronically, but is talented in playing the piano, violin, saxophone and bass. Rollo heads and produces the band. Lead female vocals for many of their songs are performed by Pauline Taylor, who also performed lead vocals for singles by Rollo released under his monikers Rollo Goes Mystic and Rollo Goes Spiritual.

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