Fad Gadget Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Fad Gadget Bio

Fad Gadget is the stage name of Francis John (Frank) Tovey (8 September 1956 – 3 April 2002). An influential British avant-garde electronic musician and vocalist, he was an exponent of both New Wave and early industrial music.

Tovey studied performance art at Leeds Metropolitan University. He signed as Fad Gadget to Daniel Miller's Mute Records, which was soon home to similar but more commercial synthpop act Depeche Mode. He was the first artist to sign to Mute , and was managed in the early 1980s by Alan Pride.

As Fad Gadget, his music was characterized by a distinctive use of synthesizers in conjunction with sounds of found objects, including drills and electric razors. His bleak, sarcastic, and darkly humorous lyrics, often layered in meaning and discussing subjects such as machinery, building construction, human sexuality, and physical violence, were sung in a droning monotone voice.

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