Extreme Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Extreme Lyrics - by Popularity

1 More Than Words
2 Smoke Signals
3 Peacemaker Die
4 Our Father
5 Part Iii: Who Cares?
6 Rise N Shine
7 Warheads
8 Waiting For The Punchline
9 Mutha (Don't Wanna Go to School Today)
10 Rest in Peace
11 Pornograffitti
12 When I First Kissed You
13 Kid Ego
14 Where Are You Going
15 Decadence Dance
16 Cynical Fuck
17 Get the Funk Out
18 Play With Me
19 He Man Woman Hater
20 Rock a Bye Bye
21 Hole Hearted
22 Seven Sundays
23 Stop The World
24 Tragic Comic
25 Am I Ever Gonna Change
26 Color Me Blind
27 Song For Love
28 Part I: Rise 'n Shine
29 When Will It Rain
30 Star
31 Everything Under The Sun: Who Cares?
32 Little Girls
33 Comfortably Dumb
34 Everything Under The Sun: Rise 'N Shine
35 Politicalamity
36 Learn To Love
37 Strutter
38 Evilangelist
39 Take Us Alive
40 Everything Under the Sun: II. Am I Ever Gonna Change
41 Hip Today
42 Run
43 Christmas Time Again
44 Leave Me Alone
45 Last Hour
46 Suzi (Want's Her All Day What ?)
47 It ('s A Monster)
48 Teacher's Pet
49 Midnight Express
50 Flower Man
51 Que Pides Tu
52 Li'l Jack Horny
53 Watching, Waiting
54 Naked
55 King Of The Ladies
56 Money (In God We Trust)
57 Wind Me Up
58 No Respect
59 Ghost
60 Who Cares?
61 Shadow Boxing
62 Slide
63 Better Off Dead
64 Tell Me Something I Don't Know
65 Interface
66 Cupid's Dead
67 Don't Leave Me Alone
68 There Is No God
69 Sunrise
70 Suzy (Wants Her All Day What?)
71 God Isn't Dead?
72 Fair Weather Faith
73 Unconditionally
74 Peace
75 When I'm President
76 Monica
77 Cupid's Dead - Horn Mix
78 Big Boys Don't Cry
79 Never Been Funked
80 More Then Words
81 Everything Under the Sun: III. Who Cares?
82 Flesh 'n Blood
83 Part Ii: Am I Ever Gonna Change
84 Nice Place To Visit
85 Suzi (Wants Her All Day What?)
86 Cynical

Extreme Bio

Extreme is an American rock band, headed by frontmen Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt, that reached the height of their popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Among some of Extreme's musical influences are Van Halen, Queen, Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. The band played at The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992, also jammed with Brian May and Van Halen, and Cherone joined Van Halen in 1996. The band has described their music as "funky metal" in the early days, but it would evolve much more in the mid-1990s by blending classic rock influences with post-grunge and alternative rock.

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