Everything But The Girl Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Everything But The Girl Lyrics - by Popularity

1 We Walk The Same Line
2 I Didn't Know I Was Looking For Love
3 Are You Trying To Be Funny?
4 Shoot Me Down
5 Single
6 The Future Of The Future (Stay Gold), [With Deep Dish]
7 Mirrorball (DJ Jazzy Jeff Full Sole Remix/2004)
8 Low Tide of the Night
9 Alison
10 Mirrorball (DJ Jazzy Jeff Sole Full Remix)
11 Walking To You
12 I Don't Want To Talk About It
13 Five Fathoms (Kevin Yost Everything and a Groove Mix/Ben Watt Edit)
14 Come on Home
15 Driving
16 Get Back Together
17 I Must Confess
18 Me and Bobby D.
19 Five Fathoms (Kevin Yost Everything and a Groove Mix / Ben Watt Edit)
20 Missing (CL McSpadden Unreleased Powerhouse Remix)
21 Get Me
22 Wrong (Todd Terry Unreleased Freeze Mix)
23 When All's Well
24 Sugar Finney
25 My Baby Don't Love Me
26 Missing
27 Fascination
28 Each And Everyone
29 Imagining America
30 No Difference
31 One Place
32 Native Land
33 Twin Cities
34 I Don't Wanna Talk About It
35 Driving (Acoustic Mix)
36 Ballad Of The Times
37 Trouble And Strife
38 Bittersweet
39 Flipside
40 Tender Blue
41 Never Could Have Been Worse
42 Downhill Racer (Kenny Dope Remix/2004)
43 English Rose
44 25th December
45 Walking Wounded
46 Take Me
47 The Spice Of Life
48 Careless
49 Understanding
50 A Piece Of My Mind
51 Blame
52 Disenchanted
53 Downhill Racer (Kenny Dope Remix / 2004)
54 Wrong
55 Kid
56 The Dustbowl
57 Silent Treatment (The Roots)
58 The Only Living Boy in New York
59 Driving (The Underdog Remix)
60 The Future of the Future (Stay Gold)
61 Single (Brad Wood Memphis Remix / 1996)
62 Another Bridge
63 I Always Was Your Girl
64 Crabwalk
65 Politics Aside
66 Oxford Street
67 Living On Honeycomb
68 I Don't Understand Anything
69 Better Things
70 Missing (CL McSpadden Unreleased Powerhouse Mix)
71 Even So
72 Don't Leave Me Behind
73 Five Fathoms
74 Blame (Fabio Remix)
75 A Country Mile
76 Downhill Racer
77 Each And Every One
78 Little Hitler
79 Before Today (Adam F. Remix / 1997)
80 Lullaby of Clubland (Jay "Sinister" Sealle Remix)
81 Rollercoaster
82 Time After Time
83 Night And Day
84 Soft Touch
85 British Summertime
86 Driving (Todd Terry Remix)
87 Hatfield 1980
88 Tears All Over Town
89 Troubled Mind
90 Old Friends
91 Frost And Fire
92 My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains
93 Talk To Me Like The Sea
94 Before Today (Adam F Remix)
95 Shadow On A Harvest Moon
96 Two Star
97 Ugly Little Dreams
98 Mine
99 Feel Alright
100 The Language of Life
101 The Night I Heard Caruso Sing
102 Fighting Talk
103 Love Is Strange
104 Riverbed Dry
105 Boxing And Pop Music
106 Single (Brad Wood Memphis Remix)
107 Single (Brad Wood Memphis Remix/1996)
108 Sean
109 Don't Let the Teardrops Rust Your Shining Heart
110 All Alone (No One to Be With)
111 Blue Moon Rose
112 Big Deal
113 The Road
114 Love Is Here Where I Live
115 You Lift Me Up
116 Rollercoaster (King Britt Scuba Ambient Mix)
117 Before Today
118 The Heart Remains a Child
119 Apron Strings
120 Lonesome For A Place I Know
121 Rollercoaster (King Britt Scuba Mix)
122 This Love (Not For Sale)
123 Goodbye Sunday
124 Heaven Help Me
125 Good Cop Bad Cop
126 Letting Love Go
127 Come Hell or High Water
128 Pigeons In The Attic Room
129 These Early Days
130 Laugh You Out The House
131 Mirrorball
132 Lullaby of Clubland
133 Mirrorball (DJ Jazzy Jeff Full Sole Remix / 2004)
134 Almost Blue
135 Cross My Heart
136 Draining The Bar
137 Mirrorball (Jazzy Jeff Groovin' Remix)
138 Temperamental
139 Stars All Seem To Weep (Beth Orton)
140 Meet Me in the Morning
141 Downhill Racer (Kenny Dope Remix)
142 Easy As Sin
143 Alfie
144 Feeling Dizzy
145 Tempermental (Pull Timewarp Remix)
146 Before Today (Adam F. Remix/1997)

Everything But The Girl Bio

Everything but the Girl (often shortened EBTG) were an English musical duo, formed in Hull in 1982, consisting of lead singer and occasional guitarist Tracey Thorn and guitarist, keyboardist, and singer Ben Watt. The duo's most successful single was a Todd Terry remix of "Missing" charting in several countries in 1994.

They are currently inactive, although vocalist Tracey Thorn hinted that they may perform again someday. They have not performed publicly since 2000, and as Thorn stated on BBC Radio4 on 25 January 2014, "for both Ben and me, it would feel like a step backwards".

Watt and Thorn are also a couple; they are very private about their relationship and personal life. For some time, it was not a publicised fact that they were a couple, or that they had married subsequently. The duo have expressed a strong desire to raise their three children with as much privacy as possible.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everything_but_the_Girl