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Genre: Blues

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Every Mother's Son Bio

Every Mother's Son was a rock band formed in New York City in 1967. Brothers Dennis Larden (born 22 November 1948) and Larry Larden (born 10 August 1945) had originally performed as a folk duo. In the formation of Every Mother's Son, they were joined by pianist/organist Bruce Milner (born 9 May 1943), drummer Christopher Augustine (born 25 August 1941), and bassist Schuyler Larsen (born 19 February 1947).

In early 1967, the group was signed to the MGM Records label (supposedly because management saw the band's clean-cut image as an antidote to the hippie influx). They recorded a self-titled, eleven-song LP containing a selection of Wes Farrell's and Jerry Goldstein's songs, "clean summer rock (with almost imperceptible echoes of The Beach Boys)" . The album included "Come on Down to My Boat" (listed on the album as "Come And Take A Ride In My Boat") which shot to #6 on the Billboard charts in July 1967 (#3 in Canada).

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