EVE Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

EVE Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Let Me Blow Ya Mind
2 Let Me Be
3 What Ya Want (Remix)"(feat. Nokio
4 Let Me Blow Ya Mind"(feat. Gwen Stefani
5 Let Me Blow Ya Mind Featuring Gwen
6 Got What You Need
7 Set It On Fire
8 Let Me Blow Your Mind
9 Let Me Blow Ya Mind Ft Gwen Stefani
10 Do That Shit
11 Scenario 2000
12 That's What It Is"(feat. Styles
13 Eve Of Destruction
14 We On That Shit
15 Gangsta Love
16 Who's That Girl?
17 Philly, Philly
18 Got What You Need"(feat. Drag-On, Swizz Beatz
19 Gangsta Bitches"(feat. Da Brat, Trina
20 Cowboy
21 Love Is Blind
22 Let This Go
23 My Bitches (Skit)
24 Party in the Rain
25 My Enemies
26 Gangsta B's - Featuring Da Brat And Trina
27 Scenario 2000 (Jigga My Nigga Remix)
28 Scream Double R"(feat. DMX
29 Guess Who's Single Now
30 Thug In The Street"(feat. Drag-On, The LOX
31 Neck Bones
32 Let's Talk About (Featuring Drag-On)
33 Ain't Got No Dough
34 Be Me"(feat. Mashonda Tifrere
35 Double R What
36 Eve-Olution
37 Let's Talk About"(feat. Drag-On
38 Life Is so Hard
39 Gangsta Lovin'
40 Heaven Only Knows
41 No, No, No
42 Love Is Blind (Remix)"(feat. Faith Evans
43 Scream Double R
44 Tambourine
45 What Ya All Want (Remix)
46 Stuck Up"(feat. CJ
47 Maniac
48 Cashflow
49 Satisfaction
50 All Night
51 You Had Me, You Lost Me
52 Fire
53 What
54 Ain't Got No Dough (Featuring Missy Elliot)
55 Keep Me From You
56 First Lady
57 Get That Money
58 What Ya Want (Featuring Nokio)
59 Argument (Skit)
60 Stuck Up
61 Wanna Be
62 Give It To You
63 Eve
64 Mama in the Kitchen
65 What Y'all Want
66 First Lady (Intro)
67 Ladies
68 What Ya Want (remix)
69 Be Me
70 Grind or Die
71 What Y'all Want (Remix)
72 Here I Am
73 We On That Shit (Featuring P. Killer Tracks)
74 Love Is Blind (Remix)
75 Stalker
76 Zero Below
77 No, No, No"(feat. Damien & Stephen Marley
78 Hey Girl
79 You Me And She
80 Together Forever
81 Gangsta Bitches
82 Forgive Me
83 Life Is So Hard"(feat. Teena Marie
84 I'm Caught Up
85 As I Grow
86 3 Way
87 Never Gone
88 Dog Match"(feat. DMX
89 Turn Me On
90 Dog Match
91 Philly Cheese Steak (Skit)
92 Stop Hatin' (Skit)
93 She Bad Bad (Remix)
94 Gangsta Lovin'"(feat. Alicia Keys
95 We Belong Together
96 Figure You Out
97 Gotta Man
98 Intro
99 Eve (feat. Miss Kitty)
100 Ain't Got No Dough"(feat. Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott
101 Party In The Rain"(feat. Mashonda
102 I Got What You Need
103 Ladies Call
104 Philly, Philly"(feat. Beanie Siegal
105 Irresistable Chick
106 Hey Y'all
107 Gangsta Bitches - Featuring Da Brat And Trina
108 Let's Talk About
109 U, Me And She
110 Scenario 2000 (Jigga My Nigga Remix)"(feat. The Ruff Ryders
111 Gangsta Bitch
112 Irresistible Chick
113 3 Way (Skit)
114 That's What It Is
115 Ain't No Stoppin' Me
116 Ryde Away
117 Frontin' (Skit)
118 Thug In The Street
119 We On That Shit"(feat. P. Killer Tracks
120 All Night Long
121 Heaven Only Knows (Featuring Parle)
122 Neckbones
123 Be Me - Featuring Mashonda Tifrere
124 My Bitches
125 She Bad Bad
126 Stuck Up (Featuring C.J.)
127 My Enemies (Skit)
128 Make It Out This Town
129 You Ain't Gettin' None
130 Fantasy
131 Philly, Philly (Featuring Beanie Siegal)
132 Dog Match (Featuring DMX)


Eve Jihan Jeffers (born November 10, 1978), better known as Eve, is a Grammy-winning rapper, singer, actress, and musician. She has sold millions of albums during her musical career. Her first three albums have so far reached 7 million copies sold world wide. In 2003, she became the star of her own TV show, Eve, which lasted for 3 seasons. The rapper/singer/actress has also achieved success in fashion as she started a clothing line titled "Fetish." She ranked # 48 on VH1's "50 Greatest Women Of The Video Era" show list.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Julia Wilch-Jeffers, a publishing company supervisor, and Jerry Jeffers, a chemical plant supervisor. She adopted the name Gangsta in high school as part of an all-female group called EDGP (pronounced Egypt), and went solo as Eve of Destruction.

During her early years in Philadelphia, Eve's first musical interest was singing. She sang in many choirs and even made an all-female singing group (Dope Girl Posse or D.G.P.) with a manager. This group covered songs from En Vogue and Color Me Badd. After the group's manager saw the rap group ABC, they suggested that the group raps and Eve stuck with it. She then went on to form a rapping group. After the group split, Eve began working on a solo career under the name "Eve of Destruction." She spent the better part of her days perfecting her craft, much to the detriment of her education. She stopped attending class and barely graduated high school. After her mother remarried, Eve moved to New York and began working as a dancer in a Bronx strip club. It was as a stripper that Eve met rapper Mase. Mase encouraged her to stop unrobing and start rapping on a professional level.

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