Erotic Song Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Erotic Bio

E-Rotic was a German Eurodance project. They are mostly known for their use of sexual topics and innuendo in their music.

Some of the female vocalists who fronted E-Rotic over the years also fronted Missing Heart vocals. Originally comprising Lyane Leigh and American-born Raz-Ma-Taz (Richard Michael Smith), the project started in 1994 and recorded throughout the rest of the 1990s. In June 1995, "Max Don't have Sex With Your Ex" peaked at number 45 in the UK Singles Chart. However, by June 1996, both members of the group had left due to a disagreement between Leigh and producer David Brandes. E-Rotic now composed of Jeanette Meier and Terence d'Arby (not to be confused with Terence Trent D'Arby). Lyane Leigh continued to provide vocal work for several albums until 1999 due to contract, but she and Raz-Ma-Taz formed their own group in the meantime, known as S.E.X. Appeal. In October of the same year, d'Arby was replaced by Ché Jouaner.

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