Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Lyrics

Genre: Country

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Since Jesus Passed By
2 The Old Landmark
3 My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me
4 A Good Heart
5 No Unknown Soldiers
6 Redeeming Love
7 We Need Each Other
8 Sundays Are Made For Times Like These
9 All I Want Is You
10 Right Place, Right Time
11 Never Give Up, Never Give In
12 Are You Enjoying The Show
13 My Kind Of Town (Live)
14 Reason Enough
15 Christmas Is Christmas (Wherever You Are)
16 If It Doesn't Snow On Christmas
17 Out Of Bondage
18 Amen
19 Changed By A Baby Boy
20 Dream On
21 Mr. Heat Miser
22 Oh, What a Savior (Live At Luther F. Carson Four Rivers Center, Paducah, KY/2013)
23 Thank God For Kids
24 Glorious Day
25 Swinging On The Golden Gate
26 Thankful To You
27 Climb Every Mountain
28 Heavenly Parade
29 God Delivers Again
30 Scars In The Hands of Jesus
31 Walk With Me
32 Any Other Man
33 What A Savior - Get Away Jordan Album Version
34 Stand by Me (reprise)
35 Plan Of Salvation
36 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
37 That's Why
38 Mexico
39 Every Time
40 The Plan Of Salvation - Get Away Jordan Album Version
41 If This Is What God Wants
42 We Shall See Jesus
43 What Child Is This?
44 When The Saints Go Marching In
45 Sweet Beulah Land
46 Love Carried the Cross
47 Sometimes I Wonder - Live Acoustic Version
48 Pray for Me
49 Yesterday
50 This Ole House/When The Saints Go Marching In
51 Sometimes I Wonder
52 Oh, What A Savior - Live Version
53 This Old Place
54 Between The Cross And Heaven
55 Can He, Could He, Would He
56 He Made A Change
57 You Are Welcome Here
58 He Made A Change - Live Version
59 Trying to Get a Glimpse
60 Wonderful Grace Of Jesus
61 Christmas In Indiana
62 Moving Up To Gloryland
63 When Jesus Breaks the Morning
64 I Do Believe
65 Forgiven Again
66 Sinner Saved By Grace
67 Silent Night
68 The Laughing Song
69 Shh, Be Still
70 Lovest Thou Me (More Than These?)
71 Godspeed (reprise)
72 An Old Convention Song
73 Light A Candle
74 Champion Of Love
75 Water Walking God
76 It Is Done / It Is Finished
77 When the Saints Go Marching In (Live)
78 Heavenly Parade (Live)
79 Step Into The Water
80 He Made a Change (Live)
81 Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord
82 Happy Birthday, Anniversary Too
83 Shout, Brother, Shout
84 That's Why (Live)
85 He Started The Whole World Singing/O Come, All Ye Faithful
86 Oh, What a Savior (Live)
87 Boundless Love
88 I'm Gonna Live Forever
89 Two Coats
90 I Pledge My Allegiance
91 Goodbye Egypt (Hello Canaan Land)
92 Scars In the Hands of Jesus (Live)
93 Marshmallow World
94 Blue Christmas (Live)
95 I Thirst
96 I've Been Here Before
97 While I Was a Sinner
98 Stand By Me
99 Glorious Day (Live)
100 Every Light That Shines At Christmas
101 Glory to God in the Highest (Live)
102 Oh What a Savior
103 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
104 Sometimes I Wonder (Live Acoustic)
105 Then Came the Morning
106 Every Time (Live)
107 Thank God For Kids (Live)
108 Wedding Music
109 Singing In the Midnight Hour
110 Up Above My Head
111 Godspeed
112 Sometimes I Wonder (Live)
113 Goodby Egypt, Hello Canaanland
114 Old Convention Song
115 I Believe
116 Blue Again
117 This Could Be the Dawning of That Day
118 What a Savior (Live)
119 Do You Want to Be Forgiven
120 My Heart Is A Chapel
121 Here We Are Again
122 Climbing Higher and Higher
123 What a Savior