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Ennio Morricone Lyrics - by Popularity

1 A Fistful Of Dynamite
2 Goodbye Palermo (Father Of The Godfathers)
3 Hamlet
4 This Here Is Daisy Domergue
5 La Lettera di Lincoln (Strumentale)
6 Death Rides A Horse
7 Come Un Madrigale (Four Flies On Grey Velvet)
8 Viaggio Con Anita (Lovers And Liars)
9 The Tropical Variation (Nostromo)
10 Sei Cavalli
11 La Lettera di Lincoln
12 The Big Gundown
13 Come Maddalena (Maddalena)
14 Don’t Play The Indian (Buddy Goes West)
15 Your Love (Ft. Dulce Pontes) (Once Upon A Time In The West)
16 Raggi di Sole Sulla Montagna
17 There Won’t Be Many Coming Home
18 I Crudeli
19 Once Upon A Time In The West
20 Chi Mai (Maddalena)
21 Il Vento, Il Grido (The Professional)
22 A Rose Among Thorns (Ft. Dulce Pontes) (The Mission)
23 Son of the Bloody Nigger Killer of Baton Rouge
24 La Puntura Della Morte
25 The Man With The Harmonica
26 Barbablu (Theme) (Bluebeard)
27 Marche En La (Main Title) – From The Movie Espion Leve-Toi
28 Fateless
29 Jim Jones at Botany Bay (feat. Kurt Russell)
30 The Fascist
31 Il Mercenario (L’arena)
32 For Love One Can Die
33 Tragedy Of A Ridiculous Man
34 The Family Of The Poor (Ft. Carel Kraayenhof) (City Of Joy)
35 Neve, No. 2
36 A Fistful Of Dollars
37 The Fifth Day Of Peace
38 Estate 1943 (Free My Love)
39 Deborah’s Theme (Once Upon A Time In America)
40 Would He Even Know Me Now (Hayley Westenra)
41 Uncle Charlie’s Stew
42 Bullets Don’t Argue
43 Long Live The Revolution
44 My Name Is Nobody
45 Cockeye’s Theme (Once Upon A Time In America)
46 Ancora Qui (Elisa Toffoli) From The Movie Django Unchained
47 I Quattro Passeggeri
48 A Gun For Ringo
49 Metti Una Sera A Cena
50 Inseguimento E Fuga (Revolver)
51 The Falls (The Mission)
52 L’Ultima Diligenza di Red Rock (Versione Integrale)
53 La Musica Prima del Massacro
54 For A Few Dollars More
55 The Unbeatables
56 Tema Di Dunja (Arabian Nights)
57 Gabriel’s Oboe (The Mission)
58 Overture
59 L’Inferno Bianco (Synth)
60 Slalom
61 The Ballad Of Hank Mccain
62 The Infernal Trio
63 The Mission
64 Major Warren Meet Daisy Domergue
65 The Suggestive Oswaldo Mobray
66 The Return Of Ringo
67 The Sicilian Clan
68 Moses
69 The Untouchables (End Title)
70 Narratore Letterario
71 Now You’re All Alone
72 The Battle Of Algiers
73 Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion
74 La Donna Della Domenica (The Sunday Woman)
75 The Strength Of The Righteous (Main Title) Untouchables
76 Apple Blossom
77 2Sangue e Neve
78 Seven Women For The Mcgregors
79 La Califfa (Lady Caliph)
80 Romanzo (Novecento Aka 1900)
81 Cinema Paradiso
82 Frontier Justice
83 L’Inferno Bianco (Ottoni)
84 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
85 Sacco And Vanzetti
86 Cat (Il Gatto)
87 Love Theme (Cinema Paradiso)
88 L’Ultima Diligenza di Red Rock, No. 2
89 Neve, No. 3
90 The Ecstasy Of Gold
91 The Most Beautiful Wife
92 Il Vizietto (Birds Of A Feather)
93 Dimenticare Palermo (The Palermo Connection)
94 Neve (Versione Integrale)
95 Daisy’s Speech
96 The Trio