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Genre: R&B

En Vogue Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Runaway Love
2 Love Won't Take Me Out
3 Free Your Mind
4 "Give It Up, Turn It Loose"
5 How Do I Get Over
6 Giving Him Something He Can Feel
7 Desire
8 Too Gone, Too Long
9 Love Makes You Do Thangs
10 You Are the Man
11 Lovin' You (Easy)
12 Hip Hop Lover
13 Damn I Wanna Be Your Lover
14 Falling in Love
15 Lies
16 Those Dogs
17 Right Direction
18 No Fool No More
19 Damn, I Want To Be Your Lover
20 Let It Flow
21 Hooked On Your Love
22 Right Directionright Direction
23 Whatever
24 Latin Soul
25 Number One Man
26 Riddle
27 Stop
28 Hold On (7'' edit)
29 Ooh Boy
30 Don’t Let Go (Love) (LP version)
31 Don't Let Go
32 That's What Christmas Means to Me (My Love) [Live]
33 Just Can't Stay Away (Live)
34 Whatta Man - Salt-N-Pepa Featuring En Vogue
35 Free Your Mind (Theo’s Rec & Wreck edit)
36 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
37 Whatever (album version)
38 Don’t Let Go
39 Don't Let Go (Love) [Live]
40 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
41 Giving Him Something He Can Feel (edit)
42 Whatever (Remix) [feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard]
43 Whatever (The Tumblin’ Dice remix - radio remix without rap)
44 Don’t Let Go (Love)
45 Hold On (Live)
46 Time Goes On
47 My Lovin’ (extended edit)
48 This Is Your Life
49 Dissed Him
50 Whatever (album instrumental)
51 Don't Let Go (Love)
52 Hold On
53 My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)
54 Give It Up, Turn It Loose ("Welcome to the Ghetto" Hip Hop edit)
55 Sad but True
56 Everyday
57 Whatever (The Tumblin’ Dice remix - remix instrumental)
58 Free Your Mind (LP Version)
59 My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)
60 Strange
61 Free Your Mind (Jame’s remix edit)
62 Part Of Me
63 Lately
64 Riddle (StarGate radio mix)
65 You Don’t Have to Worry
66 Don't Let Go (Love) (radio edit)
67 It Ain’t Over Till the Fat Lady Sings
68 Runaway Love (Extended Version)
69 Losin My Mind
70 A Thousand Times
71 Don’t Go
72 Somethin' He Can Feel
73 Don’t Let Go (Love) (radio edit)
74 It Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady Sings
75 Whatever Will Be Will Be
76 Hold On (Tuff Jam's classic garage mix)
77 You Don't Have to Worry
78 Whatta Man
79 Giving Him Something He Can Feel (Edit Version)
80 What Is Love
81 What Is Love (Club Mix)
82 Just Can't Stay Away
83 Whatever (Tuff Jam 2 in 1 remix)
84 Love Don't Love You
85 New Day Callin'
86 Yesterday
87 Runaway Love (E.P. version)
88 Million Different Ways
89 Free Your Mind (Theo's Rec and Wreck mix)
90 Love Don’t Love You
91 No No No (Can't Come Back)
92 Don't Let Go (Love) (2000 Watts remix)
93 Beat of Love
94 Giving Something He Can Feel
95 Free Your Mind (Tommy's Spoiled Brat mix)
96 Don't Go
97 Work It Out
98 Whatta Man (with Salt-N-Pepa) (EP version)
99 Luv Lines
100 Nearly Lost
101 Free Your Mind (James' club remix)
102 Waitin' On You (Bonus Track)
103 Whatever (radio edit)
104 Waitin’ on You
105 Ez-A-Lee
106 Runaway Love - EP Version - feat. FMob
107 Hold On (Marley Marl remix)
108 Hold On (edit)
109 Whatever (Mousse T. radio mix)
110 Careful
111 That's What Christmas Means To Me
112 Deja Vu
113 Whatever (radio version)
114 You're All I Need
115 Whatta Man (Live)
116 Whatever (Lemon D remix)
117 Sitting By Heaven's Door
118 Never Gonna Get It
119 Don't Let Go [Love] - Explicit Soundtrack
120 It's About Love
121 Free Your Mind (Live)
122 Love U Crazay
123 Whatever (Tumbling Dice radio remix)
124 What A Difference A Day Makes
125 Let It Flow (Bonus Track)
126 Free Your Mind - Remastered
127 It’s About Love
128 Giving Him Something He Can Feel (Live)

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En Vogue Bio

En Vogue is an American female R&B vocal group from Oakland, California assembled by music producers Denzil Foster and Thomas McElroy.

The group have won more MTV Video Music Awards than any other female group in MTV history, a total of seven, along with four Soul Train Awards, six American Music Awards, and seven Grammy nominations. According to Billboard Magazine they were the 18th most successful act of the 1990s, and one of the most popular and successful female groups of all time. En Vogue have accumlated over 2,800 weeks on various Billboard charts.

Assembled in Oakland, California in July 1989, En Vogue launched with original members Cindy Herron, Maxine Jones, Dawn Robinson and Terry Ellis. The inspiration for the group came when production duo of Foster and Mc Elroy envisioned a modern-day girl group in the tradition of the 1950s/1960s female trios. The blueprint was based on the plan of recruiting singers who possessed strong voices, noticeably good looks, and were also intelligent. Auditions were held in 1988, with Herron, Jones and Robinson making the final cut. Like previous girl groups, En Vogue was originally conceived as a trio, but after hearing Ellis audition, Foster and McElroy decided to create a quartet. At first, they selected the name "For You." They shifted to "Vogue", but ultimately settled on En Vogue, upon learning that another group had already claimed the Vogue moniker.

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