Embrace Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Embrace Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Out Of Nothing
2 Wonder
3 You've Only Got To Stop To Get Better
4 Fireworks
5 If You Feel Like A Sinner
6 One Big Family
7 I've Been Running
8 Brothers And Sisters
9 Tap On Your Shoulder
10 Ashes
11 I Wouldn't Wanna Happen To You
12 Perfect Way
13 Bunker Song
14 You Don't Amount To Anything This Time
15 All You Good Good People
16 Many Will Learn
17 Get On Board
18 Higher Sights
19 A Glorious Day
20 Happiness Will Get You In The End
21 Intro
22 Yeah You
23 I Know What's Going On
24 I Want The World
25 End Is Near
26 The End Is Near
27 You're Not Alone
28 Last Gas
29 Someday
30 Exploding Machines
31 Self Attack Mechanism
32 Over
33 Like A Believer
34 My Weakness Is None Of Your Business
35 The Last Gas
36 Milk And Honey
37 The Devil Looks After His Own
38 Satellites
39 Love Is Back
40 Now You're Nobody
41 This New Day
42 Keeping
43 A Thief on My Island
44 Flaming Red Hair
45 Near Life
46 Follow You Home
47 3 Is A Magic Number
48 Blind
49 Still So Young
50 Retread
51 Ashes (Radio Edit)
52 The Shot's Still Ringing
53 Quarters
54 That's All Changed Forever
55 Spell It Out
56 Waterfall
57 At Once
58 Butter Wouldn't Melt
59 The First Cut
60 The Good Will Out
61 It's Gonna Take Time
62 I Can't Come Down
63 Drawn From Memory
64 Protection
65 In the End
66 Come On And Smile
67 The Way I Do
68 You've Gotta Say Yes
69 Hey, What You Trying To Say
70 World At Your Feet
71 Hooligan
72 Refugees
73 Don't Turn Your Back On Love
74 Today
75 Gravity
76 Wish Em All Away
77 Target
78 I Had A Time
79 I Run
80 Dry Kids
81 Make It Last
82 No Use Crying
83 Feelings I Thought You Shared
84 You've Got To Say Yes
85 Sainted
86 Deliver Me
87 Liars Tears
88 Free Ride
89 I Hope You're Happy Now
90 Even Smaller Stones
91 New Adam New Eve
92 Come Back To What You Know
93 If You've Never Been In Love With Anything
94 Nature's Law
95 Hallelujah
96 Save Me
97 Happy and Lost
98 Looking As You Are
99 Celebrate
100 Maybe I Wish
101 The Love It Takes

Embrace Bio

Embrace are an English rock band from Bailiff Bridge, Brighouse, West Yorkshire. To date they have released five studio albums, one singles album and one b-sides compilation. The band consists of brothers singer Danny McNamara and guitarist Richard McNamara, bassist Steve Firth, keyboardist Mickey Dale, and drummer Mike Heaton. The group have released five studio albums – The Good Will Out (1998), Drawn from Memory (2000), If You've Never Been (2001), Out of Nothing (2004) and This New Day (2006) – with a sixth in the works, expected to be released sometime in 2010.

The band was begun in a small outbuilding at the bottom of a garden in Bailiff Bridge in 1990. A bass player joined the Mcnamara brothers, Richard playing guitar and Danny singing (into an upturned broomstick at the early stages.)The three of them started creating songs, with the aid of a cassettee recorder, and soon a drum machine was added and a pa . A viable set was soon created, and a 4 track version of a song recorded on cassette 4 track in a house in Leeds. Over the summer various songs were dropped and new ones written, and the decision was made to search for a drummer, and then move on to rehearsing in studios in Leeds. After various auditions, the current drummer was settled on. A period of consolidation of songs and writing of new ones followed, but no gigs until 2 years later. Once gigs did begin, the 4 member band recorded a three track cassette demo in a studio in Huddersfield which was sold at concerts and found that a following was building up. Another recording was attempted at a studio in Manchester, and though this session was abandoned, one of the songs was released in a rough mix state on cassette by a fanzine.

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