Elvis Hitler Song Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Elvis Hitler Bio

Elvis Hitler is a psychobilly band from Detroit, Michigan. The band was named after the moniker of their lead singer, Jim Leedy.

The band was active in the late Eighties, early Nineties, and has recently reformed (2005). It consists of singer Jim Leedy (a.k.a. "Elvis Hitler"), guitarist John Defever, bassist Warren Defever, and drummer Damian Lang. Their irreverent mix of rockabilly and lowbrow humor led to them having a cult following in their day, though they never had commercial success. The band managed to put out three CDs on Restless Records. They then disappeared from the public spotlight for the first time. Warren Defever would go on to front the dramatically-different sounding His Name Is Alive, and work as a record producer for underground bands.

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