Elvenking Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Elvenking Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Ask A Silly Question
2 Not My Final Song
3 Another Awful Hobs Tale
4 My Little Moon
5 Miss Conception
6 From Blood To Stone
7 My Own Spider's Web
8 The Caravan Of Weird Figures
9 The Winter Wake
10 The Wanderer
11 Forget-Me-Not
12 Grandier’s Funeral Pyre
13 The Cabal
14 Totentanz
15 Those Days
16 Poor Little Baroness
17 Elvenlegions
18 Possession
19 Your Heroes Are Dead
20 A Fiery Stride
21 The Play of the Leaves
22 The Time of Your Life
23 Dominhate
24 The Perpetual Knot
25 The Silk Dilemma
26 To Oak Woods Bestowed (demo)
27 Chronicle of a Frozen Era
28 Infection
29 Another Haven
30 White Willow (demo)
31 Ophale
32 Skywards
33 White Willow
34 Hobs An' Feathers
35 Banquet of Bards
36 Khanjar
37 Devil's Carriage
38 Trows Kind
39 Oakenshield (demo)
40 The Manifesto
41 Romance & Wrath
42 A Poem For The Firmament
43 Under the Tree of Us'dum
44 King of the Elves
45 The Blackest Of My Hearts
46 Conjuring Of The 14th
47 March Of Fools
48 Horns Ablaze
49 Twilight of Magic
50 Oakenshield
51 On The Morning Dew
52 The Open Breach
53 Black Roses for the Wicked One
54 Death And The Suffering
55 A Dreadful Strain
56 The Loser's Ball
57 Witches Gather
58 The Scythe
59 Jigsaw Puzzle
60 I Am the Monster
61 The Druid Ritual of Oak
62 She Lives At Dawn
63 Poison Tears
64 Swallowtail
65 Midnight Skies, Winter Sighs
66 Moonbeam Stone Circle
67 This Nightmare Will Never End
68 The Divided Heart
69 The Regality Dance
70 A Song for the People
71 We, Animals
72 The Solitaire
73 What's Left Of Me
74 Heaven Is A Place On Earth
75 The Dweller Of Rhymes
76 Pagan Purity
77 Through Wolf's Eyes
78 Towards the Shores
79 Dawnmelting
80 A Riddle Of Stars
81 The Last Hour
82 Walking Dead
83 Pagan Revolution
84 Silence De Mort
85 Lost Hill Of Memories
86 Runereader

Elvenking Bio

Elvenking is a folk/power metal band from Sacile, Italy. Being one of the most respected Italian metal bands, as of 2012, they have released one demo, one single, and seven full-length studio albums. Their music is not easy to catalog, since they draw their inspiration from very different genres such as metal, folk, hard rock, pop, prog and classical music.

Elvenking was formed in October 1997 by two guitarist friends, Aydan and Jarpen, both sharing a passion for metal music and folklore. Although they were soon joined by Sargon as bassist, the young band faced many issues with its line-up that prevented them from progressing. In March 1998, Damnagoras joined the band as a lead singer, and was followed by the arrival of the drummer Zender in September. It was only then that the band found a definite stability.

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