Eloy Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Eloy Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Call Of The Wild
2 On The Verge Of Darkening Lights
3 Poseidon's Creation
4 Child Migration
5 Gallery
6 Mysterious Monolith
7 Madhouse
8 Pilot To Paradise
9 Plastic Girl
10 Inside
11 The Sun-Song
12 Between The Times
13 Decay Of Logos
14 Imprisonment
15 The Light From Deep Darkness
16 End Of An Odyssey
17 Future City
18 Return Of The Voice
19 Mutiny
20 Land Of No Body
21 The Midnight-Fight, The Victory Of Mental Force
22 Up And Down
23 All Life Is One
24 Shadow And Light
25 Time To Turn
26 Hero
27 Metromania
28 Fire & Ice
29 Nightriders
30 Appearance Of The Voice
31 Silent Revolution
32 Sphynx
33 De Labore Solis
34 Back Into The Present
35 Gliding Into Light And Knowledge
36 Behind The Walls Of Imagination
37 Lost!?? (The Decision)
38 Prologue
39 Journey Into 1358
40 Memory-Flash
41 A Broken Frame
42 Love Over Six Centuries
43 Magic Mirrors
44 Fools
45 Say, Is It Really True
46 The Dance In Doubt And Fear
47 Heartbeat
48 The Bells Of Notre Dame
49 The Flash
50 In Disguise
51 The Zany Magician
52 Through A Somber Galaxy
53 Thoughts Of Home
54 Giant
55 Escape To The Heights
56 Surrender
57 Dreams
58 Sunset
59 Horizons
60 Destination
61 Follow The Light
62 Carried By Cosmic Winds
63 Mirador
64 Illuminations
65 Eclipse Of Mankind
66 Invasion Of A Megaforce
67 Introduction
68 Impressions
69 Rainbow
70 At The Gates Of Dawn
71 Silhouette
72 Jeanne D'arc
73 Seeds Of Creation
74 Point Of No Return
75 Sensations
76 Astral Entrance/Master of Sensation
77 Prisoner In Mind
78 The Stranger
79 Queen Of The Night
80 Voyager Of The Future Race
81 The Apocalypse
82 Awakening
83 Racing Shadows
84 Atlantis' Agony At June 5th 8498, 13 P M Gregorian
85 Let The Sun Rise In Your Brain
86 Castle In The Air
87 Mighty Echoes
88 Incarnation Of Logos
89 Daylight
90 Lost!?? (Introduction)

Eloy Bio

Eloy is a German progressive rock band, whose musical style includes symphonic and space rock, the latter theme being more prevalent on earlier albums. Despite their nationality and time period, the band is not generally considered krautrock because of their sound, which has much more in common with English progressive rock groups such as Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Yes.

Founded in 1969 by guitarist Frank Bornemann, the band has endured several line-up changes, with Bornemann being the only consistent member of the group. In the 1980s, after a series of major splits in the group, Bornemann pursued a more commercial direction. Despite attracting a large following in Germany, the band never gained popularity in the United States. However, in later years, former members of the band re-joined, and in 1998 released the album Ocean 2, a return to the classic symphonic progressive rock genre for which the band was well known.

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