Edwin McCain Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Edwin McCain Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I'll Be
2 Go Be Young
3 One Thing Left
4 Jesus, He Loves Me
5 How Strange It Seems
6 Write Me a Song
7 Don't Bring Me Down
8 Jesters Dreamers and Thieves
9 The Rhythm of Life
10 Kitchen Song
11 Holy City
12 (I've Got To) Stop Thinkin' 'bout That
13 3 A.M.
14 I Could Not Ask For More
15 Good Times
16 What Matters
17 Guinevere
18 Solitude
20 Thirty Pieces
21 Grind Me in the Gears
22 A Prayer To St. Peter
23 Sun Will Rise
24 Nobody's Fault But Mine
25 Beautiful Life
26 Letter to My Mother
27 See the Sky Again
28 Radio Star
29 Bitter Chill
30 Take Me
31 See off This Mountain
32 Prayer To St. Peter
33 Wish in This World
34 The Happy Song
35 Black And Blue
36 Russian Roulette
37 Romeo And Juliet
38 Sorry to a Friend
39 Darwin's Children
40 Sober
41 Ain't Nobody
42 The Happy Song (Dum-Dum)
43 Far from Over
44 Boom
45 You Don't Know What You Mean To Me
46 Ninety-Nine & A Half (Won't Do)
47 Anything Good About Me
48 Hearts Fall
49 Anywhere I'm Going
50 Ninety Nine And A Half
51 Solituide
52 My Judas
53 Maggie May
54 I've Seen a Love
55 Strange Angel
56 I Can't Get Next To You
57 Truly Believe
58 Ghosts of Jackson Square
59 The Boy Who Cried Love
60 Raise Your Hand
61 Walk With You
62 Punish Me
63 Mercy Bound
64 Who's Making Love
65 Alive
66 Say Anything
67 I'll Be (Acoustic Version)
68 Rhythm Of Life
69 Get out of This Town
70 Uncharted
71 I'm Losing You
72 America Street
73 My Mystery
74 Just Do Your Thing
75 Better Story To Tell
76 Losing Tonight
77 Promise of You
78 Millhouse Girl
79 I've Got Dreams To Remember
80 Do Your Thing
81 The Lucky One
82 The Sun Will Rise
83 Sign on the Door
84 I Don't Know How I Got By
85 Can I Get A Witness?
86 Shooting Stars
87 These Are The Moments
88 Kentucky
89 Dragons
90 (I've Got To) Stop Thinking 'Bout That
91 Grits Ain't Groceries
92 Babylon
93 Through The Floor
94 American Street
95 The Kitchen Song
96 Some Kind Of Wonderful
97 I Want It All
98 Cleveland Park
99 I Couldn't Ask For More
100 Lost In America

Edwin McCain Bio

Edwin McCain (born January 20, 1970 in Greenville, South Carolina) is an American alternative rock singer-songwriter and musician. He was adopted as an infant and had two sons with his wife and also had an adopted child.

Edwin McCain is a well known alternative rock singer-songwriter. While his albums are released under his name, he does have a permanent band, referred to as the Edwin McCain Band. Members of the band include Larry Chaney (guitar), Pete Riley (guitar and vocals), Craig Shields (keyboards and saxophone), Jason Pomar (bass guitar and vocals) and Tez Sherrard (drums and percussion).

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