Ed Bruce Lyrics

Genre: Country

Ed Bruce Lyrics - by Popularity

1 This Old Hat
2 Memphis Morning
3 The Feel of Bein' Gone
4 Set Me Free
5 Give My Old Memory a Call
6 Am I Gonna Have to Burn Atlanta Down
7 Last Train To Clarksville
8 You're Not Leaving Here Tonight
9 The Bartender (It's All On the Jukebox)
10 Tougher Than Nails
11 Miracle Express
12 When I Die, Just Let Me Go to Texas
13 Ever Never Lovin' You
14 Shadows Of Her Mind
15 Truth Is I'm a Liar
16 The Family's Growing
17 He Brings Your Memory Back Again
18 Love Somebody to Death
19 Price I Pay To Stay
20 Lonesome Is Me
21 Did He Say It Better Than Me?
22 Standing In The Fire
23 The Man That Turned My Mama On
24 I Can't Seem to Get the Hang of Telling Her Goodbye
25 Her Sweet Love And The Baby
26 I'd Best Be Leaving You
27 Growing Up
28 I Know
29 Old Wore Out Cowboy
30 My First Taste Of Texas (1983)
31 The Wedding Dress
32 If I Could Just Go Home
33 I'll Take You Away
34 My Baby Don't Need No Polish to Shine
35 Jesus Loved The Hell Out Of Me
36 The Family
37 Nights (1986)
38 I've Not Forgot Marie
39 I Know Better
40 Diane
41 Ever, Never Loving You
42 Thank You For The Son
43 Kentucky Boy, California Man
44 You Turn Me On Like A Radio (1985)
45 There Ain't No Good Chain Gang
46 Last Cowboy Song
47 The Tracks You Left On Me
48 In the Garden
49 For My Good And To Your Glory
50 Angeline
51 You're The Best Break This Old Heart Ever Had (1982)
52 Sweet Woman
53 Girls Women And Ladies
54 Nights
55 There's a Hand
56 July 12th 1939
57 Hoppy's Gone
58 Girls, Women And Ladies (1981)
59 Rock Boppin' Baby
60 Love's Found You And Me
61 You Turn Me On (Like a Radio)
62 He Lives
63 She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye
64 Eight Wheel Driver
65 You're the Best Break This Old Heart Ever Had
66 Part of My Life
67 You're A Bad Mistake I Made
68 Girls, Women & Ladies
69 My Best Friend
70 Behind Closed Doors
71 Eight Wheel Driver (Alternate Take 1)
72 More Than Yesterday
73 I Really Didn't Have A Thing To Do Today
74 The Last Cowboy Song
75 Devil Ain't Got A Prayer
76 Another Place Another Time
77 July 12, 1939
78 When You Fall In Love Everything's A Waltz
79 King of Fools
80 The Greatest Love Song
81 Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys
82 In Jesus' Eyes
83 King of the Road
84 Ballad of Ringo
85 After All
86 Love Ain't Something I Can Do Alone
87 The Outlaw And The Stranger
88 The Lord's Prayer
89 I Pray
90 No Money Down
91 Man Made of Glass
92 Blue Bayou
93 The Last Thing She Said
94 How Do You Do That?
95 Changed
96 Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town
97 Star-Studded Nights
98 One
99 Walker's Woods
100 The Greatest Hit
101 Hallelujah, I Love Her So
102 Happy's Gone
103 Never Take Candy from a Stranger
104 My First Taste of Texas