Echo Orbiter Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Echo Orbiter Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Doctor Or Butcher?
2 Cooling Down By The Sea
3 Sunlightshine
4 While The Eyes Still Move In The Hea
5 Help Is On The Way
6 Seconds Passed As If Soldiers At War
7 Contract With The Devil In Salem Woods
8 Sunflowers & Plumtrees
9 Around Merrily Carousel
10 Staging The Grand Escape
11 Geography Inbetween
12 Armageddon Out Of Here...
13 A Cops And Robbers Shoot Em Up
14 Have You Got It Yet?
15 Melody To Accompany A Stroll Through A Park
16 Awaken To Clear Skies
17 Life Is Great
18 The Idea Of Laissez-faire
19 Bones Burned With Swear Words
20 One Thinks Of It All In A Honey Drop
21 Hey Mr. Moonman
22 Sail The Cabin's Creek
23 Wise At A Café In Philadelphia
24 Non-smoking Bingo Progressive
25 Gasoline Rainbow
26 Ain't It Nice?
27 Blue Stew, Oh The Witches' Brew
28 A Night In A Galaxy Of Nights
29 One In A Million
30 Who Does That Remind You Of?
31 A No-Headed Magician Born In Philly Today
32 Trippy Adventure Playground
33 How Nice To See You
34 Dawn's Short Requiem
35 Today Is The Day That I Got Old
36 Laws Of Nonsense
37 Bleeding Edge Of The Paper Cut
38 Moonlight Daydream
39 She Seldomly Joked
40 I Hope It's Wonderful
41 Anchors Away
42 Crown Jewel
43 Croydon Race Society
44 Silence The Little Sparkle Girl
45 Confession Of The Impressionism Major
46 Seen At The Hour Of Midnight
47 Awake; Waiting To Sleep (Slumber & Pills)
48 Back On The Map
49 Song Of The Missing Forest
50 The Great Day Has Arrived
51 Dusk's Short Requiem (For An Old Day)
52 Out Of Order
53 Time Slides Faster Away
54 Aqua's Own Pocketwatch Odyssey
55 Some Other Day's Swaying Response
56 Luna's Last Dance
57 Spend Some Time Killing Time
58 Winner's Circle
59 Court Order
60 Southern Belle
61 The Self-indulgent Trial
62 An Echo From May
63 There's A Light Off In The Distance Burning Full Moon Blue
64 Hungry For Fame
65 Curious Time Machine
66 A Day In The Life Of A Young Man Who Brought It All Upon Himself
67 Sweet Dreams Astral Voyager
68 She Threw Her Arms Up In Disgust And Accidentally Caught Thunder
69 This Worm In Rigor Mortis
70 Long Strange Day (An Evening's Lament)
71 Impassive Light In The Astral Silence
72 Space Cadet Promenade
73 The Interpretation Lost In Static Shock
74 Mouth Of An Incomplete Twin
75 Friday's Exuberant Smile
76 In Order To Quiet A Rollercoaster
77 Cut The Wheel
78 Fire Rained Down As We Clapped Hands
79 Bicycle Superstar
80 Old Man Jimmy's Psychic Emanations
81 The Repose Is Never Complete
82 Daybreak's Race
83 Dialed In Signals Broke Trembling Uncertainty
84 Renegade Path Of Electrons
85 Golden Wash Of The Sunset
86 Oh My, What A Morning!
87 Bringing On The Implications
88 Dreaming Keepsake
89 Sensation Of The Vast Movement Of Voices

Echo Orbiter Bio

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based indie rock band founded by brothers Justin Emerle and Colin Emerle, described by Philadelphia Weekly as being "Widely considered two of the most inventive songwriters on the [Philadelphia] scene."