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Genre: Electronic

E-type Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Es Ist Nie Vorbei (bl¨¹Mchen Vs. E-type)
2 The Explorer
3 Made In Sweden
4 Fall From The Sky
5 I'll Always Be Around
6 Pop Preludium
7 Ultimos Homo Statans - Last Man Standing
8 Walk Away
9 Predator
10 Do You Always (Have to Be Alone)?
11 Africa (Tokapi's Extended Version)
12 I Just Wanna Be With You
13 True Believer (Jupiter Ace Remix)
14 This Is the Way (Knife n Fork mix)
15 Back 2 Life (Ali Payami Radio Edit)
16 This Is the Way (extended)
17 Campione 2000
18 True Believer (True Version)
19 Africa
20 True Believer (Styles & Breeze remix)
21 Fight It Back
22 Campione 2000 - Radio Version
23 I'm Falling
24 True Believer (Real Booty Babes Remix)
25 This Is the Way (extended euro mix)
26 Back 2 Life (Ultra DJ's Remix)
27 Me No Want Miseria (Take Me to the End)
28 Life (Pierre J's radio mix) (feat. Na Na)
29 True Believer (Extended Version)
30 Life
31 Obey (feat. Stakka B & La Camilla)
32 True Believer (Real Booty Babes mix)
33 Free Like a Flying Demon
34 Set The World On Fire - 7" Version
35 Morning Light
36 True Believer (Aeronautics Remix)
37 Angels Crying (Country mix)
38 Back 2 Life
39 Russian Lullaby (Vodka Russian Mix)
40 This Is the Way (Waterdreamix)
41 The Tide
42 Princess of Egypt
43 Calling Your Name (Antiloop remix)
44 Calling Your Name (Antiloop Garage mix)
45 True Believer
46 Here I Go Again (Disco 2000 Remix)
47 Back 2 Life (Ali Payami remix)
48 Until the End
49 Back 2 Life (Ali Payami remix radio edit)
50 Russian Lullaby (JJ's USS Hard Mix)
51 Back in the Loop (Antiloop Snap Out of It mix)
52 Make Us High
53 Angels Crying
54 So Dem a Com (Explorer Version)
55 Back In the Loop
56 Eurofighter
57 Here I Go Again (Extended Version)
58 Arabian Star
59 Star
60 Back 2 Life (original mix)
61 Set the World on Fire (single version)
62 I Just Wanna Be With You (André's Boogie Buster short mix)
63 To the Lions
64 Angels Crying (radio edit)
65 We Gotta Go
66 Back In the Loop (Antiloop Snap Out of It Club Mix)
67 Like A Child
68 Russian Lullaby
69 When I Close My Eyes
70 I Just Wanna Be With
71 Set the World on Fire 95
72 Set the World on Fire (extended PoP mix)
73 Calling Your Name (Antiloop Garage club mix)
74 Inside
75 Angels Crying (C&C extended version)
76 You Know
77 Here I Go Again - Radio Version
78 Back In the Loop (Statikk Back In The Days Mix)
79 Last Day Alive
80 I'm Flying
81 Time
82 Hold Your Horses
83 Back 2 Life (Radio Edit)
84 Set the World on Fire (Yetin & Max mix)
85 Angels Crying (C&N radio edit)
86 Angels Crying (C&N extended)
87 Angels Crying (C&C radio edit)
88 This Is The Way
89 Back In the Loop (Back And Alive Version)
90 Ding Ding Song
91 When Religion Comes to Town
92 Forever More
93 Paradise (radio version)
94 Campione 2000 (The Only Earthbound Remix)
95 Free Like a Flying Demon (7" version)
96 Russian Lullaby (Dogshit le Club mix)
97 Russian Lullaby (radio version)
98 Angels Crying (extended version)
99 This Is The Way - Radio Edit
100 Paradise
101 Princess Of Egypt - Radio Version
102 I'll Find a Way
103 Princess of Egypt (Pierre J's Q-Type Remix)
104 Paradise (extended version)
105 Campione 2000 (Pinocchio Remix)
106 Free Like a Flying Demon (Turbine mix)
107 Princess of Egypt (Pinocchio remix)
108 Believe in Me
109 Paradise (feat. Na Na)
110 The Predator
111 This Is the Way (Onda del Futuro extended remix)
112 Hold Your Horses - Radio Version
113 Me No Want Miseria
114 Princess of Egypt (Extended Version)
115 Paradise (M12's Maximum radio mix)
116 Campione 2000 (CF Fonotron Mix)
117 Free Like a Flying Demon (Jet Stall mix)
118 Here I Go Again (Richi's extended version)
119 Set the World on Fire (single version remix)
120 Camilla
121 The Original You
122 Dans La Fantasie
123 This Is the Way (Dune dub mix)
124 Calling Your Name - Radio Version
125 Set the World Unplugged
126 This Is the Way (Unplugged Version)
127 Paradise (M12's Maximum club mix)
128 Life (feat. Na Na)
129 Calling Your Name
130 So Dem a Com (Lori Brune edit)
131 Set the World on Fire (extended Pop remix)
132 Far Up in the Air (feat. Na Na)
133 If Heaven Were To Fall
134 This Is the Way (MDA Nice Up Acid mix)
135 Russian Lullaby - Radio Edit
136 Life (radio version) (feat. Na Na)
137 Eurofighter (Radio Version)
138 So Dem a Com
139 Africa (feat. Na Na)
140 Will I See You Again?
141 Hold Your Horses (Hartmann / Langhoff club mix)
142 Campione
143 Forever More (feat. Na Na and LG)
144 Lost and Goodbye
145 This Is the Way (Dune Force of Nature mix)
146 You Will Always Be A Part Of Me
147 Far Up in the Air
148 Set the World on Fire (extended version)
149 Set the World on Fire (radio version)
150 When I Close My Eyes (feat. Na Na)
151 I'm Not Alone
152 Set the World on Fire (UK Biff & Memphis remix)
153 Olympia
154 Megamix
155 Rain
156 Angels Crying - Radio Version
157 This Is the Way (Knife & Fork remix)
158 This Is The Way - 2015 Adam Rickfors Version
159 This Is the Way (7" euro edit)
160 True Believer (Breeze & Styles Remix)
161 Set the World on Fire (Amadin Boeing remix)
162 Loneliness / Ring the Alarm
163 Forever Wild
164 Africa (feat. Nana)
165 So Far Away
166 Here I Go Again
167 Africa (Radio Version)
168 This Is the Way (Biff & Memphis Ni-Rap version)
169 True Believer (Extended Mix)
170 This Is the Way (Knife n Fork edit)
171 Back 2 Life (Instrumental)
172 Set the World on Fire (extended mix)
173 Time (feat. Na Na)
174 Set the World on Fire (extended)
175 Flight It Back
176 Angels Country
177 Set the World on Fire
178 Africa (Viva Kim Martin Extended Mix)
179 This Is the Way (Knife & Fork edit)
180 True Believer (Jorg Schmid Remix)
181 This Is the Way (Biff n Memphis vocal)
182 Back 2 Life (Ultra Djs Remix)
183 Set the World on Fire (E-Type's Tyroler mix)
184 No More Tears (feat. Na Na)
185 Banca Banca
186 Do You Always

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E-type Bio

Bo Martin Erik Eriksson (born August 27, 1965 in Uppsala, Sweden), better known by his stage name E-Type, is a Swedish Eurodance musician.

His father is Bo ("Bosse") G. Eriksson, known for the science TV-show Vetenskapens Värld (World of Science). His mother's name is Elisabeth and he has one sibling, a sister Erika.

In his teens, E-Type and his family moved to Bromma, a borough in the western part of Stockholm, and he is currently living in the heart of Stockholm. He started his musical career in the 1980s as a drummer in the speed metal bands Maninnya Blade and Hexenhaus. In 1991 he met up with Stakka Bo with two singles as a result of the partnership: "We Got the Atmosphere" in 1991 and "Numania 1" in 1992. This earned E-Type a job as a VJ on ZTV. His first solo single, "I'm Falling" was released in mid-1993 but did poorly commercially.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-Type_(musician)