Duke Special Lyrics

Genre: Alternative

Duke Special Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Digging An Early Grave
2 I Never Thought This Day Would Come (And Now It Won't Go Away)
3 Flesh And Blood Dance
4 Nothing Comes Easy
5 Mocking Bird Wish Me Luck
6 Sweet, Sweet Kisses
7 Why Does Anybody Love
8 Nothing You Could Do Can Bring Me Round
9 Freewheel
10 Mother Courage (and The Threat Of Peace)
11 Scandal
12 You Don't Slow Me Down
13 Love Is A Series Of Scars
14 Cook's Song
15 Teller's Tale
16 Everybody Wants A Little Something
17 As Good As It Gets
18 Farmhouse Song
19 Stargazers of the World Unite (A Love Song for Astronomers)
20 Feet In The Sky
21 Those Proverbs We Made In The Winter Must End
22 Worst At The Best Of Times
23 Mother Courage Finale
24 Little Black Fish
25 Low
26 Kill Me Quickly please
27 Eilif (Song About The Soldier And His Wife)
28 Punch of a Friend
29 This Could Be My Last Day
30 John Lennon Love
31 Lullaby
32 Snakes in the Grasss
33 I Think I Am Losing You
34 Closer To The Start
35 Hearth And Home
36 Condition
37 Ballad Of A Broken Man
38 If I Don't Feel It Anymore
39 Something Might Happen
40 Wanda, Darling Of The Jockey Club
41 Nothing Shall Come Between Us
42 Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
43 Let Me Go (Please Please Please)
44 I Let You Down
45 Jumping Jacks
46 Lost Chord
47 No Cover Up
48 By The Skin Of My Teeth
49 Portrait
50 Mister Nobody
51 My Lazy Saviour
52 Prelude
53 Tango Tangle
54 How I Learned to Love the Sun
55 Mother Courage
56 You'll Be Detective
57 Always Been There
58 Brixton Leaves
59 Yvette (Song Of Fraternization)
60 Double Or Nothing
61 Twice Around the Island
62 Salvation Tambourine
63 Song Of The Hours
64 Country Weekend
65 Don't Breathe
66 Wake Up Scarlett
67 The Great Capitulation
68 Old Folks And Cow Pokes
69 Some Things Make Your Soul Feel Clean
70 Last Night I Nearly Died
71 Soldier's Song
72 The Prop Man
73 Our Love Goes Deeper Than This