Dru Hill Lyrics

Genre: R&B

Dru Hill Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Rule The World
2 In My Bed
3 Never Stop Loving You
4 So Special
5 Holding You
6 Love Train
7 You Are Everything Rmx"(feat. Ja Rule
8 5 Steps
9 All Alone
10 My Angel How Could You
11 Love's Train
12 The Love We Had (Stays on My Mind)
13 Xstacey Jones
14 Old Love
15 This Is What We Do
16 What Are We Gonna Do
17 Beauty
18 Indrupendence Day
19 Tell Me
20 Enter The Dru (interlude)
21 I Should Be...
22 You Are Everything (featuring Ja Rule)
23 Beautiful Ones
24 Big Bad Momma (How To Be A Player Soundtrack)
25 Anthem
26 I Love You
27 I'm Wondering
28 It's All About Me
29 Do U Believe?
30 She Said"(feat. Chinky
31 Real Freak
32 We're Not Making Love No More (SoulFood Soundtrack
33 Incomplete
34 Real Freak (featuring Chinky Brown Eyes)
35 Wild Wild West
36 Wild Wild West"(feat. Will Smith
37 Holding On
38 No Doubt
39 That Are We Gonna Do
40 Never Make a Promise
41 These Are the Times
42 In My Bed So So Def Rmx
43 Enchantment Passing Through
44 What Are You Gonna Do
45 Nothing to Prove
46 Xstacy Jones
47 Nowhere Without You
48 Never Stop Lovin You
49 How Deep Is Your Love (Featuring Redman)
50 Satisfied
51 Angel
52 This Is What We Do (featuring Method Man)
53 The Beautiful Ones
54 What's Happening
55 The Love We Had
56 Share My World
57 Angel (Interlude)
58 You Are Everything Rmx
59 Pass me by
60 Fall in Love
61 Makin' Luv
62 What Do I Do with the Love
63 Here With Me
64 Love MD
65 You Are Everything
66 Over (Remix) [feat. Yo Gotti & Trey Songz]
67 Back To The Future
68 Whatever U Want
69 Love / Hate
70 Over (Remix) [feat. Eminem]
71 Below Zero
72 Whatever You Want
73 How Deep Is Your Love
74 On Me (feat. NORE)
75 Sold Out Of Love
76 Can't Stop
77 I Do (Millions)
78 She Wants Me
79 She Said
80 Rain
81 Remain Silent
82 If I Could
83 I'll Be the One
84 In My Bed Remix
85 You Are Everything (Remix)
86 Shut It Down
87 In My Bed (so So Def Mix)
88 Anywhere (Remix)
89 We're Not Making Love Anymore
90 April Showers
91 State Of Emergency
92 Do It Again
93 Nowhere Without You (Interlude)
94 On Me"(feat. N.O.R.E.
95 On Me
96 Whatcha Do
97 Men Always Regret
98 One Good Reason
99 We're Not Making Love No More
100 How Deep Is Your Love For Me
101 Away

Dru Hill Bio

Dru Hill is an American singing group, most popular during the late 1990s, whose repertoire included R&B, soul, and gospel music. Founded in Baltimore, Maryland and active since 1992, Dru Hill recorded seven Top 40 hits, and is best known for the R&B #1 hits "In My Bed", "Never Make a Promise", and "How Deep Is Your Love". Tamir "Nokio" Ruffin was the group's founder and leader; his bandmates included main lead singer Mark "Sisqó" Andrews, Larry "Jazz" Anthony, and James "Woody Rock" Green. Signing to Island Records through Haqq Islam's University Records imprint, Dru Hill released two successful LPs before separating for a period from late 1999 to 2002, during which time Sisqó and Woody released solo albums. While Woody's Soul Music LP was a moderate success in the gospel music industry, Sisqó's Unleash the Dragon LP and its hit single "Thong Song" were major pop successes, and established Sisqó as a household name outside of Dru Hill.

In 2002, by then part of the Def Soul record label, the group reunited and added fifth member Rufus "Scola" Waller to the lineup for their third LP, Dru World Order.

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