Drowning The Light Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Drowning The Light Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Death Rides On The Wings Of Flies
2 Sinking into the Void
3 The Poison Kiss
4 Lunar Reflection In Blood (Vampyres Of The Old)
5 Crypt Of Necromancy (The Key Still Not Found Part Ii)
6 Dead Soul Requiem
7 The Runes Are Thrown & The Bones Are Spread (A Hymn to the Apocalypse)
8 The Darkness Is The Guiding Light
9 Lost Kingdoms Of A Dark Age
10 I Sing You to Me
11 Residing In A Kingdom Now Lost
12 The Old Ones Stir Again
13 The Mark That Lies Beneath
14 Servant Of An Unholy Plague
15 From Old Mountains to Lost Seas
16 White Tomb of a Whispering Forest
17 When Dusk Breathes Its Last Breath
18 Drink the Blood of the Sun (Varcolaci Awakens)
19 The Nostaliga of the Old That Runs Through Our Veins
20 Victory In Sight
21 Below the Horizon He Stalks
22 The Birth of a New Age
23 As Plague Upon The Sheep (Poison In Redemption)
24 From the Abyss
25 Unforgotten Treachery
26 Torn Away By The Shadows
27 Secrets of the Darkest Spells
28 Embraced by a Tragic End
29 Entrance To Illumination
30 Cursed Voyage
31 Wandering Alone and Forgotten Forever
32 Autumn Mourning
33 Apparitions in the Distant Woodlands
34 As the Shadows at Dusk Reach Our Enemies Throats
35 ...Such Cruelty Never Rests
36 Rise! Under Satans Mighty Horns
37 Oceans of Eternity
38 Burial In The Rain
39 The Return of Medieval Sorrow
40 The Cataclysmic Cycle of Renewal
41 Pact Of The Black Templars
42 Eyes Of Onyx (Carrion For The Worms)
43 Despoiler of the World We Know
44 Oppression & Tyranny
45 Fragmented & Unrealisable
46 This Darkest Hour
47 Sic Itur Ad Astra
48 The Key Still Not Found
49 Night Of Neverending Turmoil
50 Requiem Of Honour & Glory
51 The Inverted Ascension
52 The Lunatic Tide
53 Chamber Of Lost Hope