Dressy Bessy Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Dressy Bessy Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I'm Never Wrong
2 I Saw Cinnamon
3 Ringalingaling
4 Sindy Says
5 57 Disco
6 Princess
7 2 My Question
8 Tidy (demo)
9 Tag
10 It Happens All The Time
11 Things That You Say That You Do
12 Dirty Birdies
13 You Stand Here
14 Pretty Pleaze
15 There's a Girl
16 Try Try Try Again
17 Georgie Blue
18 Say Goodbye
19 Ultra Vivid Color
20 Electrified
21 Just Being Me
22 Call It Even
23 Girl, You Shout!
24 In Particular
25 Fuzzy
26 Baby Six String
27 Oh Mi Amour
28 Who'd Stop The Rain
29 New Song (From Me To You)
30 Get Along (Diamond Ring)
31 Said You Would
32 Carry On
33 Buttercups
34 Automatic
35 Blinktwice
36 New Song (from Live to You)
37 If You Should Try and Kiss Her
38 Blink Twice
39 Maybe Laughter
40 Do You Whisper?
41 Tidy
42 This May Hurt a Little
43 Makeup
44 That's Why
45 Big to Do
46 Dressed the Part
47 Live to Tell All
48 Electrified (Live)
49 Look Around
50 Better Luck
51 All These Colors
52 Ease Me Down
53 Lady Liberty
54 Super Star Everything
55 The Things That You Say That You Do
56 Flower Jargon
57 Simple Girlz
58 These Modern Guns
59 Superstar Everything
60 Side 2
61 I Found Out
62 Fare Thee Well
63 In Your Headphones
64 Pop Phenom
65 California
66 Gloria Days
67 Little TV
68 Second Place
69 Left to the Right
71 Instead
72 Bubbles
73 Jenny Come On
74 Small
75 Anyone Can See
76 Cup O Bang Bang
77 All the Right Reasons
78 Hey May
79 If You Should Try To Kiss Her
80 She Likes It
81 Ten Million Stars
82 Giddy Up
83 Just Once More
84 Lipstick
85 Big Vacation
86 Stop Foolin'
87 Shoot, I Love You
88 Honey Bee
89 Just Like Henry
90 Sunny
91 My Maryanne
92 Hello Hello
93 Roundabout
94 Make Mine Violet
95 Extra-Ordinary

Dressy Bessy Bio

Indie Rock band from Denver, Colorado, associated with the Elephant Six Collective. Guitarist john Hill also plays with The Apples in Stereo. Lead vocalist/guitarist Tammy Ealom formed the band with drummer Darren Albert and guitarist turned bassist Rob Greene in 1996. The name was taken from a popular Playskool doll of the 1970s. Hill joined around the time they started recording. They released two singles and an EP in 1997-98 and licensed songs to some compilation albums.

Dressy Bessy's first full-length release Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons (1999) was a mixture of beat group drums, infectious songs, and the odd burst of harmonium. Further releases include California EP (2000), Sound Go Round (2002), and 2003's Dressy Bessy, which incorporated a harder guitar sound. 2003 also brought the compilation Little Music: Singles 1997-2002. These albums were initially released on Kindercore Records of Athens, Georgia. Their songs "If You Should Try to Kiss Her" and "Just Like Henry" were featured in the 1999 indie film But I'm A Cheerleader.

In late 2004, drummer Darren Albert left the band and was replaced in 2005 by Craig Gilbert. Later that year, the band signed to Transdreamer Records and recorded their fourth album, Electrified, which was released in June 2005. The band released HOLLERandSTOMP, on September 16, 2008.