Don Covay Lyrics

Genre: R&B

Don Covay Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Seesaw
2 Hold You To Your Promise
3 Chocolate Honey
4 Please Do Something
5 The Usual Place
6 I Was Checkin' Out She Was Checkin' In
7 No Tell Motel
8 Memphis
9 You Owe It To Your Body
10 A Woman's Love
11 Pony Time (1961) (Remastered)
12 Three Time Loser
13 The Pinch Hitters
14 Travelin' In Heavy Traffic
15 Mercy Mercy
16 Love Is Sweeter On The Other Side
17 Somebody's Been Enjoying My Home
18 Feelings
19 The Popeye Waddle
20 I Don't Think I Can Make It
21 Bad Mouthing
22 Right Time For Love
23 Bip Bop Bip
24 Yo-Yo (Part 1)
25 Leave Him Part 2
26 Six Million Dollar Fish (Jaws)
27 Pony Time
28 Yo-Yo (Part 2)
29 Money (That's What I Want)
30 SWET (And You Shall Be Rewarded)
31 See About Me
32 Your Love Has Got To Me
33 Don't Step On A Man When He's Down
34 Sookie Sookie
35 (Where Are You) Now That I Need You
36 You Can't Get Something For Nothing
37 A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste
38 It's Better to Have (and Don't Need)
39 Watching the Late, Late Show
40 An Ugly Woman (Is Twice As Sweet)
41 Sexy Lady
42 Overtime Man
43 Temptation Was Too Strong
44 Standing In The Grits Line
45 Rumble In The Jungle
46 What's in the Headlines
47 It's in the Wind
48 In The Sweet Bye & Bye
49 What's Good To You (Don't Have To Be Good For You)
50 Take This Hurt Off Me
51 You've Got Me on the Critical List
52 Ain't Nothing A Young Girl Can't Do
53 I Been Here All The Time
54 Daddy Loves Baby
55 I Stole Some Love
56 If There's A Will There's A Way
57 Hot Blood
58 Come See About Me
59 I Was Checkin' Out While She Was Checkin' In
60 Leave Him Part 1
61 Enjoy What You Have
62 See-Saw
63 We Can't Make It No More
64 I Stayed Away Too Long
65 Gangster Strut (Instrumental)
66 Iron Out The Rough Spots

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