Djavan Song Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Djavan Bio

Djavan (full name Djavan Caetano Viana) (born 27 January 1949) is a Brazilian singer/songwriter. Djavan combines traditional Brazilian rhythms with popular music drawn from the Americas, Europe and Africa. He can arguably be categorized in any of the following musical genres: Música popular brasileira (Brazilian pop), samba, or Latin dance.

Born into a poor family in Maceió (capital of Alagoas, Northeastern Brazil), Djavan formed the group Luz, Som, Dimensão (LSD – "Light, Sound, Dimension"), playing Beatles' singles. In 1973, Djavan moved to Rio de Janeiro and started singing in local nightclubs. After competing in several festivals, he gained attention and recorded the album A Voz, o Violão e a Arte de Djavan in 1976.

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