Dirty Vegas Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Dirty Vegas Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Days Go By
2 Human Love
3 I Should Know
4 Setting Sun
5 Little White Doves (Riso & Sanza Remix)
6 Little White Doves (Jono Fernandez Remix)
7 Never Enough
8 Simple Things Part 2
9 Days Go By (original mix)
10 The Brazilian
11 Setting Sun (Chad Tyson Remix)
12 Do What You Feel
13 Let the Night (Sharam Jay Remix)
14 Little White Doves (Medicine 8 Remix)
15 Little White Doves (Spencer Parker Remix)
16 Weekend
17 7 A.M.
18 Electric Love (Runaway remix)
19 21st Century
20 Setting Sun (Nora en Pure Remix)
21 Do What You Feel (Zwette Remix)
22 Let the Night
23 Let the Night (Regi Remix)
24 Little White Doves (Jono Fernandez Radio Edit)
25 Little White Dove
26 Changes
27 Days Go By (Club Mix)
28 Electric Love (Paul Harris vocal mix)
29 Round And Round
30 Setting Sun (Grum Remix)
31 Save a Prayer (Radio Edit)
32 Reckless
33 Little White Doves (Marcos Lys Remix)
34 Little White Doves (Qbik feat Seeka mix)
35 Changes (Felix Da Housecat vocal)
36 Given You Everything
37 Electric Love (Paul Harris dub)
38 Days Go By (Acoustic)
39 Setting Sun (Betoko Remix)
40 Save a Prayer
41 Little White Doves (Elio Riso & Sanza Remix)
42 Days Go By (2001 Acoustic)
43 7:00 A.M.
44 Changes (Felix Da Housecat dub)
45 Setting Sun (Daddy's Groove & Heymen Remix)
46 Electric Love (Eli Escobar remix)
47 Photograph
48 Let the Night (Rivaz Edit)
49 Let the Night (Radio Edit)
50 Little White Doves (Acoustic Version)
51 Little White Doves (Q-Bik & Xessiv Remix)
52 Alive
53 Changes (Blonde Rocka remix)
54 Simple Things, Pt. 2
55 Electric Love (DJ Fame remix)
56 Heartbeat
57 Let the Night (Rivas Remix Edit)
58 Changes (ATFC's Unplugged Jam)
59 Let the Night (Vanilla Ace Remix)
60 Emma (Acoustic Version)
61 Days Go By (Oakenfold - Vox)
62 All or Nothing
63 Changes (Julien Nolan and Red-Eye remix)
64 Closer
65 Electric Love (Cassette club remix)
66 Northern Town
67 Let the Night (Pop Version)
68 Let the Night (Betoko Remix)
69 Ghosts (Jo Whiley Live)
70 Days Go By (Oakenfold - Dub)
71 Burning The Candles
72 Changes (DJ Ortzy Big Room remix)
73 In This Life
74 Electric Love (Alex Tepper remix)
75 Beat to Drop
76 Setting Sun (Betoko Instrumental Mix)
77 Let the Night (Rivaz Remix)
78 Days Go By (7'' Version)
79 Days Go By (Oakenfold - Inst)
80 Changes (DJ Ortzy Arena remix)
81 A Million Ways
82 Electric Love
83 Shine a Light
84 Setting Sun (Grum Instrumental Mix)
85 Let the Night (Rivaz Remix Edit)
86 Little White Doves (album mix)
87 Days Go By (B&A Remix)
88 Let the Night (Paddy Duke Remix)
89 Changes (Mike Monday remix)
90 Pressure (Sultan & Ned Shepard Edit)
91 Setting Sun (Acoustic Version)
92 Setting Sun (Daddy's Groove & Heyman Remix)
93 Let the Night (Sharam Jey Remix)
94 Little White Doves (Blonde Rocka Remix)
95 Little White Doves (Pantyraid Remix)
96 Walk Into the Sun
97 Changes (Mike Monday dub)
98 Home Again
99 Changes (Original Club Mix)
100 Shine a Light (Acoustic Version)
101 Let the Night (Dualistic Remix)
102 Little White Doves (VISITOR Remix)
103 Little White Doves (EC Twins & Remy Le Duc Remix)
104 Little White Doves (Wagon Cookin' Remix)
105 tamale
106 Changes (In Flagranti remix)
107 Roses
108 Changes (ATFC's Schizophrenic Vocal Remix)
109 Reckless (Acoustic Version)
110 Setting Sun (Afterlife Radio Edit)
111 Little White Doves (Penguin Prison Remix)
112 Emma (Fred Falke Remix)
113 Emma
114 Ghosts
115 Changes (Shiny Objects vocal remix)
116 Save Me Now
117 Let the Night (Acoustic Version)
118 Let the Night - Original Mix
119 Setting Sun (Afterlife Remix)
120 Little White Doves (Nightriders Remix)
121 Emma (Tim Goldsworthy Remix)
122 Little White Doves
123 Lost Not Found
124 Changes (Shiny Objects dub)
125 Don't Throw It Away!
126 Let the Night (Vanilla Ice remix)
127 Setting Sun - Original Mix
128 Setting Sun (Afterlife Instrumental Mix)
129 Little White Doves (Ladytron Remix)
130 Emma (Black Strobe Remix)
131 Pressure
132 Candles
133 Changes (Body Language remix)
134 7AM
135 Setting Sun (Daddy's Groove & Heymen Radio Edit)
136 Madness
137 Let the Night (Extended Mix)
138 Little White Doves (Marco Lys Remix)
139 Emma (Pezzner Remix)
140 Today
141 Days Go By (Brancallio & Aisher Remix)
142 Throwing Shapes
143 Setting Sun (Leisure Cruise Remix)
144 Save a Prayer - Original Mix

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Dirty Vegas Bio

Dirty Vegas is a British house music band initially made up of Ben Harris and Paul Harris (no relation) on instruments and production and Steve Smith on vocals. The group formed in 2001, then broke up in 2005 before reforming in December 2008 to record new material.

They are best known for their international hit single "Days Go By", which gained mainstream popularity in a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse television commercial, and for remixing songs created by other artists.

Dirty Vegas' debut release was the single "Days Go By." It originally made the top 30 in 2001, but when re-issued in 2002 reached the United Kingdom top 20. They released their self-titled album in June 2002 and released a second album entitled One in 2004.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dirty_Vegas