DEUS Lyrics

Genre: Rock

DEUS Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Let's Get Lost
2 Hotel Lounge
3 Little Arithmetics
4 7 Days, 7 Weeks
5 W.C.S. ( First Draft )
6 The Architect
7 Instant Street
8 Everybody's Weird
9 Serpentine
10 Shake Your Hip
11 Great American Nude
12 Favourite Game
13 Smokers Reflect
14 Nothing Really Ends
15 Via
16 Lets Get Lost
17 Let Go
18 Theme From Turnpike
19 Supermarketsong
20 Opening Night
21 The Ideal Crash
22 Nine Threads
23 When She Comes Down
24 Bad Timing
25 Hotellounge (Be The Death Of Me)
26 Sun Ra
27 Disappointed In The Sun
28 Is A Robot
29 If You Don't Get What You Want
30 Memory of a Festival
31 Fire up the Google Beast Algorithm
32 Mute
33 Let's See Who Goes Down First
34 Guilty Pleasures
35 One Thing About Waves
36 Worst Case Scenario
37 Vanishing Of Maria Schneider
38 Pocket Revolution
39 Wake Me Up Before I Sleep
40 The Ideal Crash (The Phil Vinall Version)
41 Suds & Soda
42 Popular Culture
43 The Real Sugar
44 The Soft Fall - Radio Edit
45 Twice (We Survive)
46 Nightshopping
47 What We Talk About (When We Talk About Love) (Untitled remix No 1)
48 Constant Now (Live at Sudoeste, Zambujeira, Portugal)
49 The Final Blast
50 Put The Freaks Up Front
51 What We Talk About (When We Talk About Love) (Radio Edit)
52 Ghost (Live at Sudoeste, Zambujeira, Portugal)
53 Dark Sets In
54 Dream Sequence #1
55 Favorite Game
56 Ghost
57 Ghosts
58 The Magic Hour
59 Suds & Soda (Live At Rock Werchter)
60 Keep You Close (radio edit)
61 Second Nature
62 What We Talk About (When We Talk About Love)
63 Sun Ra (Live @ A38 Budapest, 03.03.2012)
64 Keep You Close
65 Easy
66 Sister Dew
67 Sirens
68 Constant Now
69 Jigsaw You
70 Cold Sun Of Circumstance
71 Hidden Wounds
72 The End of Romance
73 Oh Your God
74 Include Me Out
75 Girls Keep Drinking
76 Sun Ra (Live at A38 Budapest, 03.03.2012)
77 Eternal Woman
78 The Vanishing Of Maria Schneider
79 I Don't Mind Whatever Happens
80 Nothings
81 Magic Hour
82 Divebomb Djingle
83 Fell Off the Floor, Man
84 The Soft Fall
85 Morticiachair
86 Slow
87 Magdalena
88 Gimme the Heat
89 Crazy About You
90 Right As Rain
91 One Advice, Space
92 A Shocking Lack Thereof
93 The Give up Gene
94 Roses
95 Secret Hell


Deus (styled as dEUS) is a rock band based in Antwerp, Belgium, whose only continuous members up to the present day are Tom Barman  (vocals, guitars) and Klaas Janszoons (keyboards, violin). The rest of the band's line-up currently consists of drummer Stéphane Misseghers, bassist Alan Gevaert and guitarist/backing vocalist Mauro Pawlowski.

Formed in 1991, Deus began its career as a cover band, but soon began writing its own material. Their musical influences range from folk and punk to jazz and prog rock. They first came to attention in Humo's Rock Rally of 1992 and after the release of the four-track EP "Zea", Deus was offered a recording contract with Island Records. They became the first Belgian indie act ever to sign to a major international label.

Deus' debut album Worst Case Scenario drew influences from Frank Zappa, Tom Waits and Captain Beefheart and was released on September 16, 1994 to critical acclaim. Their sophomore effort In a Bar, Under the Sea followed two years later.

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