Destiny’s Child Lyrics

Genre: R&B

Destiny’s Child Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Cater to you
2 Nasty Girl (Remix)
3 Is She The Reason
4 Thourgh With Love
5 Now That She's Gone
6 Soldier (Grizz Blackmarket remix)
7 Independent Women
8 Emotion (Errol McCalla remix)
9 Survivor (album version)
10 Survivor (Azza'z Soul remix radio edit)
11 Independent Women, Part 1 (album version)
12 If
13 Say My Name (instrumental)
14 So Good (Maurice's Soul remix)
15 Soldier (dance interlude)
16 Soldier (Maurice Nu Anthem remix)
17 Say My Name (Maurice's Last Days of disco Millennium mix)
18 Sail On
19 Lose My Breath (P Johnson mix)
20 Say My Name (Radio Edit)
21 Where'd You Go
22 Soldier (Maurice's Nu Beat Mix)
23 Independent Women, Part I
24 Emotion (a cappella)
25 Survivor (Digital Black-N-Groove radio mix)
26 No, No, No, Part 1
27 Ndependent Woman, Part 1 (album version)
28 Through With Love
29 Gospel Medley: You’ve Been So Good / Now Behold The Lamb / Jesus Loves Me / Total Pr
30 Nasty Girl (Maurice's Nu Soul remix)
31 Dilemma
32 Soldier (Danny Howell's & Dick Trevor's Kinkyfunk remix)
33 No, No, No Part I
34 Know That
35 With Me
36 Say My Name (Album Version)
37 Hey Ladies
38 Lose My Breath (Peter Rauhofer's Breathless Club Mix)
39 Dot
40 Bills Bills Bills (refix)
41 Survivor (CB200 club anthem mix)
42 No, No, No, Part 2 (a cappella)
43 Bug a Boo (H-Town Screwed mix)
44 Stay
45 No, No, No, Part 2
46 Cater 2 U (Album Version)
47 Do You Know
48 Soldier (JS Nu Soul remix)
49 With me Part II (featuring Master P)
50 My Time Has Come (Dedicated to Andretta Tillman)
51 Stand Up for Love
52 Say My Name (A Capella)
53 She Can't Love You
54 Nasty Girls
55 Winter Paradise
56 Say My Name (Dreem Teem club mix)
57 Bootylicious (album version)
58 No, No, No, Part 2 (instrumental)
59 Illusion
60 Bills Bills Bills (I Can't Go for That remix)
61 Soldier (feat. T.I. & Lil' Wayne)
62 Cater 2 U (J. Beck dance mix)
63 Baby Boy
64 Soldier (a cappella)
65 You're the Only One
66 Do You Hear What I Hear?
67 Independent Women, Part 1 (From Charlie's Angels)
68 Sweet Sixteen
69 Silent Night
70 A "DC" Christmas Medley
71 Bills, Bills, Bills (radio edit)
72 Bootylicious (Ed Case refix)
73 Angel
74 Survivor (Jameson full vocal mix)
75 Little Drummer Boy (feat. Solange)
76 If She the Reason
77 Girl (Maurice Joshua 'U Go Girl' remix)
78 Naughty Girl
79 Soldier (Maurice Nu Anthem mix)
80 No, No, No (Camdino Soul extended remix)
81 8 Days of Christmas (album version)
82 Bad Habit (5.1 mix)
83 Outro (Amazing Grace Dedicated to Andretta Tillman)
84 Brown Eyes
85 Little Drummer Boy
86 Independent Women, Part I (album version)
87 Independent Women, Part I (Maurice's radio mix)
88 Killing Time
89 Soldier (Kurupt remix)
90 Fancy
91 Free
92 Bootylicious (M & J's Jelly remix)
93 Cater 2 U Dance Sequence
94 Survivor (Victor Calderone club mix edit)
95 My Time Has Come
96 8 Days of Christmas (instrumental)
97 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
98 Nuclear
99 Get on the Bus
100 So Good
101 White Christmas
102 Independent Women, Part I (Joe Smooth 200 Proof 2 Step mix)
103 I Can't Go for That
104 Hey Goldmember
105 Jumpin', Jumpin' - 089
106 Apple Pie à la mode
107 Got's My Own
108 Survivor (Digital Black-N-Groove)
109 Crazy in Love
110 Emotion (remix)
111 Upside Down
112 8 Days of Christmas (a cappella)
113 Heaven
114 What's It Gonna Be
115 Bills, Bills, Bills (album version)
116 Spread a Little Love on Christmas Day
117 Independent Women, Part I (Victor Calderone club mix)
118 Independent Woman, Part 1
119 Perfect Man
120 Jumpin', Jumpin' (Azza's radio mix)
121 Sexy Daddy
122 Game Over
123 Outro (DC-3) Thank You (5.1 mix)
124 Independent Women, Part II
125 Lose My Breath (radio edit)
126 Lose My Breath (Nu Soul mix)
127 Soldier (No rap version)
128 Independent Women, Part 1
129 With Me (radio)
130 Bills, Bills, Bills (Digital Black-N-Groove club mix)
131 This Christmas
132 Bug a Boo (Maurice's Xclusive Bug a Boo club mix)
133 No, No, No, Part II
134 Bootylicious (Rockwilder remix)
135 Say My Name (remix)
136 Happy Face
137 Why You Actin'
138 Gospel Medley (5.1 mix)
139 Stand Up for Love (2005 World Children's Day Anthem)
140 Girl (Radio Version)
141 Bug a Boo (a cappella)
142 Lose My Breath (Maurice's Nu Soul mix)
143 Independent Women, Part 2
144 With Me (remix with rap)
145 Bills, Bills, Bills (a cappella)
146 Opera of the Bells
147 Bug a Boo (Maurice's Bud a dub mix)
148 Say My Name (Maurice Bass 2000 mix)
149 I Know
150 Emotion (album version)
151 Dance With Me
152 Lose My Breath (Paul Johnson's club mix)
153 Dangerously in Love (5.1 mix)
154 Feel the Same Way I Do
155 Girl (Junior Vasquez Club Dub)
156 Lose My Breath (a cappella)
157 Lose My Breath (MGM mix)
158 Nasty Girl (Maurice Nu Soul remix)
159 8 Days of Christmas
160 With Me (remix without rap)
161 Bills, Bills, Bills (Maurice's Xclusive dub mix)
162 Emotion (with strings)
163 Bug a Boo (Maurice's Bug a dub mix)
164 Upside Down (live version)
165 Independent Women (Victor Calderone Drum dub mix)
166 Cater 2 U (Storch remix edit)
167 Survivor (Maurice's radio mix)
168 Love
169 Bills, Bills, Bills (Maurice’s Xclusive Livegig mix)
170 Say My Name (Timbaland remix)
171 Girl (JS Club Mix)
172 Survivor (a cappella)
173 Feel The Same Way Too
174 No, No, No (Wyclef mix)
175 Emotion (Calderone AM: mix)
176 Soldier
177 Nasty Girl
178 Bootylicious (Love:Destiny version)
179 Survivor (Josh Hard main remix)
180 Independent Women (Victor Calderone club mix)
181 Get on the Bus (radio edit without rap)
182 Dangerously in Love
183 Lose My Breath
184 Say My Name (Maurice’s Last Days of Disco Millennium mix)
185 Second Nature
186 Girl (The Freshman Remix)
187 Independent Women, Part 1 (Victor Calderone radio mix)
188 Lose My Breath (Peter Rauhofer’s Breathless club mix)
189 Say My Name
190 Emotion (Calderone dub mix)
191 Independent Woman
192 Emotion
193 Survivor (Victor Calderone club mix)
194 Cater 2 U
195 Independent Women (Maurice's Independent Man remix)
196 Illusions (destiny club mix)
197 The Story of Beauty
198 Lose My Breath (Peter Rauhoffer Breathless mix)
199 Jumpin’ Jumpin’ (Maurice’s radio mix)
200 Tell Me
201 Bootylicious (Richard Vission's V-Quest)
202 Say My Name (Daddy D remix)
203 Nasty Girl (Maurice's Nu Soul mix)
204 Soldier (album version)
205 Survivor
206 Emotion (Maurice's NuSoul mix)
207 Bootylicious (radio edit)
208 Bills, Bills, Bills
209 Bug a Boo (Refugee Camp remix)
210 T-Shirt
211 Bootylicious
212 Bootylicious (with beats from Riow Arai)
213 Gospel Medley
214 Soldier (radio edit)
215 Bills, Bills, Bills (Maurice's Xclusive Livegig mix)
216 Bridges
217 Bootylicious (Richard Vission's DJ dub)
218 Intro (The Writing's on the Wall)
219 Soldier (Maurice's Nu Soul mix)
220 Bug a Boo
221 Emotion (NuPrise mix)
222 Bug a Boo (album version)
223 My Heart Still Beats
224 So Good (Digital Black-N-Groove club mix)
225 Girl
226 Say My Name (Maurice's Bass 2000 mix)
227 With Me (Part 1)
228 Outro (DC-3) Thank You
229 Soldier (feat. T.I. & Lil Wayne) (radio edit)
230 Jumpin' Jumpin' (So So Def remix)
231 Show Me the Way
232 Bootylicious (Big Boyz remix)
233 Temptation
234 Soldier (Danny Howells & Dick Trevor's Kinkyfunk mix)
235 Emotions
236 Emotion (The Neptunes remix a cappella)
237 Lose My Breath (music video)
238 Emotion (The Neptunes remix)
239 Jumpin Jumpin (LP edit)
240 Bad Habit
241 Say My Name (a cappella)
242 Dot (The E-Poppi mix)
243 My Heart Still Beats (feat. Beyoncé)
244 Soldier (Kardinal Beats remix)
245 Jumpin' Jumpin'
246 Birthday
247 Bootylicious (Case remix)
248 Independent Women Part 1 (Joe Smooth 200 Proof 2 Step Mix)

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Destiny’s Child Bio

Destiny's Child (also known as DC or DC3) was an American R&B girl group whose final, and perhaps most-recognized, line-up comprised lead singer Beyoncé Knowles alongside Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Formed in 1997 in Houston, Texas, Destiny's Child members began their musical endeavors in their pre-teens under the name Girls' Tyme, comprising Knowles, Rowland, LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett. After years of performing underground, they signed to Columbia Records  and changed to their current name. Destiny's Child was launched into mainstream recognition following the release of their best-selling second album, The Writing's on the Wall, which contained the number-one singles "Bills, Bills, Bills" and "Say My Name".

Despite critical and commercial success, the group was plagued by internal conflict and legal turmoil, as Roberson and Luckett attempted to split off the group's manager Mathew Knowles. They were soon replaced with Williams and Farrah Franklin; however, in 2000, Franklin also parted with the group, leaving them as a trio. Their third album, Survivor, which contains themes the public interpreted as a channel to the group's experience, contains the worldwide hits "Independent Women", "Survivor" and "Bootylicious".

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