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Genre: R&B

Des'ree Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Love Beautiful
2 Nothing
3 Caring World
4 Kissing You (Love Theme From Romeo + Juliet)
5 Only God Knows
6 Human
7 Momma Please Don't Cry
8 Fire
9 Doesn't Matter
10 Herald the Day
11 Living in the City
12 God Only Knows
13 Life
14 Why Should I Love You
15 Love Is Here
16 Darwin Star
17 It's Okay (Stargate Radio Edit)
18 Mind Adventures
19 Strong Enough
20 Down By the River
21 Why?
22 Average Man
23 Righteous Night
24 Trip On Love
25 Time
26 Nothing to Lose
27 Laughter
28 Something Special
29 What's Your Sign?
30 Get a Life
31 Stand On My Own Ground
32 Sun Of '79
33 Competitive World
34 You Gotta Be ('99 Mix)
35 Save Me
36 I Ain't Movin'
37 Feel so High - Recorded Live in London
38 You Gotta Be (Tin Tin Out Remix)
39 Life (Single Version)
40 Innocent & Naive
41 You Gotta Be - Recorded Live In London
42 Life (Live In London)
43 I'm Kissing You (From “Romeo + Juliet”)
44 Little Child
45 Kissing You
46 I'm Kissing You - Radio Edit
47 Feel So High (Live In London)
48 Looking Philosophical
49 I'm Kissing You (Love Theme) [From ''Romeo and Juliet'']
50 I Ain't Movin' (Family Stand Acoustic Mix)
51 Silent Hero
52 I Ain't Movin (Percussion Reprise)
53 I'm Kissing You (Love Theme from "Romeo and Juliet") (Full Length Version)
54 Little Child (Live)
55 Soul Mates
56 Delicate
57 I'm Kissing You (Love Theme from "Romeo and Juliet") (Radio Edit)
58 You Gotta Be (Live In London)
59 Warm Hands, Cold Heart
60 Warm Hands, Cold Heart (2000)
61 Life (Radio Edit)
62 It's Okay
63 Cool Morning
64 Crazy Maze
65 Competitive World - Album Version
66 I'm Kissing You
67 I Ain't Movin' - Live
68 Got To Be Strong
69 Feel So High
70 Indigo Daisies
71 Fate
72 In My Dreams
73 Proud to Be a Dread
74 You Gotta Be
75 Best Days

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Des'ree Bio

Des'ree (born Desirée Annette Weeks, 30 November 1968) is an English pop/soul singer who was popular during the 1990s. She is well known for her hits: "Feel So High", "You Gotta Be", "Life", and "Kissing You", the soundtrack of the film William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet. Des'ree has not released any new material since 2003's "Dream Soldier".

Des'ree was born in South London, England in 1968. Her mother is from British Guiana (now Guyana), and her father is from Barbados. She was introduced to reggae, calypso and jazz  music by her parents, and Des'ree's interest in pursuing a musical career followed a three year trip to Barbados with her family at the age of fourteen. In 1992, the single "Feel So High" got extensive international airplay and reached #13 in the UK Singles Chart and #28 in Australia.