Demon Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Demon Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Blackheath
2 The Only Sane Man
3 The Writings On The Wall
4 Break Point
5 What Do you Think About Hell?
6 You Are My High (The Bootleg Version)
7 The Life Brigade (Live)
8 A Step Too Far
9 Salvation
10 Prey
11 You Are My High (Extended Version)
12 Remembrance Day (Live)
13 Genocide (feat. Beezy)
14 Night of the Demon
15 Fill Your Head With Rock
16 Hurricane (Live)
17 Fever In The City
18 Terminate
19 Into the Nightmare
20 I Still Believe
21 Sign of a Madman (Live)
22 Nowhere To Run
23 Casino
24 Don't Break the Circle (Hill/Spooner)
25 What the Fuck Is Going on ?
26 One Helluva Night (Live)
27 Checkmate
28 Night of the Demon (Live)
29 Midnight Funk
30 Life on the Wire (Live)
31 The Plague
32 Gateway
33 Standing on the Edge ( Live 2006 Germany))
34 High Climber
35 Wonderland (Live)
36 Remembrance Day
37 Hopscotch
38 Fool to Play the Hard Way
39 Child of the Dark Sky
40 War Games
41 Salem
42 Mosh
43 Fool to Play the Hardway
44 You Are My High
45 Everythinh Has Changed
46 Off It
47 Reality Check
48 Beyond the Gates of Hell
49 Standing on the Edge
50 Wargames
51 Stalker
52 Rocksteady
53 Don't Break the Circle (Hill / Spooner)
54 Blue Skies in Red Square (Live)
55 Temptation
56 Disco Biscuit
57 Shape
58 Have We Been Here Before (Out-Take)
59 Blackheath (Live)
60 Sex Tape
61 Physics
62 Slugs
63 Victim of Fortune (Out-Take)
64 Commercial Dynamite (Live)
65 Electronic Warfare
66 Morning Glory
67 Commercial Dynamite
68 Strange Institution (Out-Take)
69 Living in the Shadow (Live)
70 Hysteria
71 Molecule
72 Liar
73 New Ground (Live) [Bonus Track]
74 The Plague (Live)
75 Narkotiks
76 Chronik
77 Taking The World By Storm
78 Only Sane Man ( Live) [Bonus Track]
79 Don't Break the Circle (Live)
80 Neurotoxic

Demon Bio

Demon are an English rock/metal group, formed in 1980 by vocalist Dave Hill and guitarist Mal Spooner, both hailing from Leek, Staffordshire. They drew their initial audience from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement in 1980.

The original line-up was completed by Les Hunt (Lead guitar), Chris Ellis (bass guitar) and John Wright (drums). The band were signed by Mike Stone's CLAY Records in 1980 and LICENCED to Carrere Records to join their stable of metal bands. Their debut album, Night of the Demon, was released in 1981.

After their 1982 follow-up album, The Unexpected Guest, the band experimented beyond the NWOBHM sound and moved the band in a more melodic direction whilst still retaining the more traditional heavy metal black magic lyrical style.

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