Demon Hunter Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Demon Hunter Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Perseverance
2 Fiction Kingdom
3 Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
4 I Play Dead
5 Closing In
6 Summer of Darkness
7 The Scars We Don't See
8 Fading Away
9 Carry Me Down
10 The Soldiers Song
11 Undying
12 A Broken Upper Hand
13 Turn Loose The Hounds
14 My Heartstrings Come Undone
15 Ours Alone
16 The Flame That Guides Us Home/Not I
17 The Deep
18 Not Ready To Die
19 Annihilate the Corrupt
20 Someone To Hate
21 One Last Song
22 Dust & Smoke
23 One Thousand Apologies
24 Coffin Builder
25 This I Know
26 Cross to Bear
27 Descending Upon Us
28 Purified In The Storm
29 Driving Nails (String Mix)
30 The Latest and the Last
31 Means To An End
32 Hell Don't Need Me
33 Lifewar
34 A Thread Of Light
35 Everything Was White
36 We Don't Care
37 Relentless Intolerance
38 In Time
39 Collapsing
40 Incision
41 Not I
42 Resistance
43 Beauty through the eyes of a predator
44 This Is The Line
45 Thorns
46 Fire To My Soul
47 Dead Flowers
48 Screams of the Undead
49 Driving Nails
50 Desire The Pain
51 What is Left
52 I Have Seen Where It Grows
53 The World Is A Thorn
54 Storm The Gates Of Hell
55 Lead Us Home
56 The Wrath Of God
57 The Flame That Guides Us Home
58 I Am a Stone
59 Infected
60 Tie This Around Your Neck
61 Ribcage
62 The Tide Began To Rise
63 Beyond Me
64 My Throat Is an Open Grave
65 Just Breathe
66 I Am You
67 Grand Finale
68 Gasoline
69 Through the Black
70 Shallow Water
71 The Awakening
72 No Reason To Exist
73 The Heart of a Graveyard
74 Turn Your Back And Run
75 Feel As Though You Could
76 Follow The Wolves
77 The Science Of Lies
78 Crucifix
79 Death
80 And The Sky Went Red
81 Blood In The Tears
82 The Soldier's Song
83 God Forsaken
84 Artificial LIght
85 As We Wept
86 Sixteen
87 Beheaded
88 My Destiny
89 What I'm Not
90 Our Faces Fall Apart
91 Wake
92 The Last One Alive
93 The Gauntlet
94 Less Than Nothing
95 Tomorrow Never Comes
96 I Will Fail You
97 Deteriorate

Demon Hunter Bio

Demon Hunter is an American Christian metal band from Seattle, Washington, started in 2000 by brothers Don Clark and Ryan Clark. Although the brothers created the band, only one remains, since Don Clark has left the band to take care of his family. As of early 2010, the band has sold over half a million albums. The band's style is known for combining nu metal sounds and qualities with ones heard in metalcore.

Demon Hunter was initially conceived as a project band by the Clarks, who had played together previously in the initially Coalesce and Neurosis influenced but later more experimental band Training For Utopia. Ryan had previously played guitar in hardcore band Focal Point, who released an album on Tooth & Nail/Solid State when Ryan was still in his teens.

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