Delta Goodrem Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Delta Goodrem Lyrics - by Popularity

1 One Day
2 Innoccent Eyes
3 Almost Here
4 Possessionless
5 Waiting For Forever
6 A Year Ago Today
7 Wish You Were Here
8 God Laughs
9 In My Own Time (Anniversary Edition)
10 Born to Try (Anniversary Edition)
11 O Holy Night
12 Do You Hear What I Hear?
13 If I Forget (demo mix)
14 Fragile (Live at Sydney Superdome 'The Visualise Tour' 2005)
15 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
16 I Can't Break It to My Heart
17 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
18 Will You Fall for Me
19 Child Of The Universe
20 Woman
21 Not Me, Not I (Anniversary Edition)
22 Running Away (Anniversary Edition)
23 Lost Without You (acoustic)
24 Doesn't Matter Now
25 Predictable
26 Last Night On Earth (Live at Sydney Superdome 'The Visualise Tour' 2005)
27 You Will Only Break My Heart
28 Born to Try (radio edit (For UK))
29 The Analyst
30 Touch
31 Throw It Away (Anniversary Edition)
32 Rise
33 Here I Am
34 Fly By Frankie!!!
35 Here I Am (Piano/Cello Version)
36 In This Life (Acoustic Mix)
37 Born to Try (Graham Stax remix)
38 Born to Try (Radio Edit)
39 Electric Storm
40 Knocked Out
41 Angels In The Room
42 Lost Without You (Anniversary Edition)
43 Daughter
44 Born to Try
45 Four Short Words
46 Together We Are One
47 Black Velvet (Live From Max Sessions)
48 Bare Hands
49 In This Life (Updated Mix)
50 Miscommunication
51 I'm Not Ready
52 Guardian
53 Predictable (Anniversary Edition)
54 Santa Claus is Back In Town
55 Born to Try (Mash mix)
56 I Can Sing A Rainbow
57 Fragile (live)
58 Believe Again (Diamond Cut Remix)
59 Mistaken Identity
60 Believe Again (Radio Edit)
61 Sanctuary
62 Hunters And The Wolves
63 Year Ago Today
64 Butterfly (Anniversary Edition)
65 Amazing Grace
66 Longer
67 I Don't Care
68 Last Night on Earth (live)
69 Fever
70 Brave Face
71 Fortune And Love
72 Fragile
73 Hypnotized
74 Beautiful Madness
75 Lost Without You (Acoustic Version)
76 Feline
77 Lost Without You
78 Just A Normal Girl
79 Last Night On Earth
80 Dancing With a Broken Heart (Acoustic)
81 The Guardian
82 Believe Again (Tommy Trash Remix)
83 Disorientated
84 Safe To Believe
85 The Riddle
86 A Year Ago Today (Anniversary Edition)
87 Just Call
88 Innocent Eyes
89 The Rainbow Song
90 Extraordinary Day
91 Alcohol
92 Born to Try (Mash edit)
93 Believe Again (Electrodex Remix)
94 You Are My Rock
95 The Speed Of Life
96 Silence Be Heard
97 Longer (Anniversary Edition)
98 In the Name of Love
99 Out of the Blue (album version)
100 I'm Not Giving Up
101 Never Fades Away
102 No Communication
103 Butterfly
104 Together We Are One Day
105 How a Dream Looks
106 War on Love
107 Days Go By
108 Will You Fall for Me (Anniversary Edition)
109 Enough (feat. Gizzle)
110 Out of the Blue (single version)
111 Sitting on Top of the World - Commentary
112 Be Strong
113 Wish You Were Here (Acoustic Version)
114 Running Away
115 Believe Again (reprise)
116 Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
117 I Lost All Love 4 You
118 Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
119 My Big Mistake (Anniversary Edition)
120 Heavy
121 Born to Try (Mash Master mix)
122 The Speed Of Life - Commentary
123 In This Life
124 Hunters & the Wolves (Acoustic Version)
125 Almost Here (Duet with Brian McFadden)
126 Be Strong (Visualise Tour Live 2005)
127 Visualise
128 When My Stars Come Out
129 Right Here In My Heart
130 This Is Not Me (Anniversary Edition)
131 The River
132 Not Me, Not I (album version)
133 Dear Life
134 Not Me, Not I (live At [V] HQ)
135 Sitting On Top of the World (Acoustic Version)
136 Hear Me Calling
137 Last Night On Earth (Visualise Tour Live 2005)
138 Sitting On Top of the World (Stuart Crighton Remix)
139 Black Velvet
140 Control
141 Right There Waiting
142 Nobody Listened (Hidden Track)
143 I’m Not Giving Up
144 Not Me, Not I (live at VHQ)
145 Wings
146 Innocent Eyes (The Luge mix)
147 Hypnotized (Acoustic Version)
148 War on Love (Acoustic Version)
149 Throw It Away
150 Believe Again (Ron Van Den Beuken Remix)
151 Take Me Home
152 Blue Christmas
153 Sitting On Top of the World
154 Lost For Words
155 Lost Without You (Smash 'n' Grab remix)
156 Encore
157 Out of the Blue
158 Only Human
159 Together We Are One (radio mix)
160 Knocked Out (Acoustic Version)
161 My Big Mistake
162 Breathe In, Breathe Out
163 Wish You Were Here (EP)
164 Nobody Listened
165 Heart Hypnotic
166 Hollow No More (Feat. Brian McFadden)
167 Born to Try (Graham Stack remix)
168 Hold On
169 Not Me Not I
170 Sitting on Top of the World (7th Heaven remix)
171 Believe Again
172 Dancing With a Broken Heart (Acoustic Version)
173 This Is Not Me
174 Dancing With a Broken Heart
175 Love Thy Will Be Done
176 Flawed
177 Innocent Eyes (Anniversary Edition)
178 Born to Try (original demo)
179 I Believe In a Thing Called Love
180 A Little Too Late
181 Uncovered
182 In My Own Time

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Delta Goodrem Bio

Delta Lea Goodrem (born 9 November 1984) is an Australian singer-songwriter, pianist, and actress. Signed to Sony at the age of 15, Goodrem rose to prominence in 2002, starring in the popular Australian soap Neighbours as Nina Tucker, and this assisted her establishing an international music career. Goodrem has achieved eight #1 singles in her home country including all three of her studio albums reaching #1. She currently holds the record for the highest selling album of the last decade and the most #1 singles from any debut album, with all five of her singles from her debut album Innocent Eyes reaching #1 on the ARIA charts. Her repertoire falls under the pop and adult contemporary styles, and heavily features the piano, which she usually plays barefoot while performing live. Her music is influenced by vast array of styles including Classical, Adult Contemporary music, Pop and Soft Rock. She is currently the face of Sunsilk and So Good in Australia. Her debut album, 2003's Innocent Eyes, gave her the highest selling Australian album of the last decade, in the process making her one of Australia's highest selling female recording artists of all time. Goodrem is currently in the process of recording her 4th studio album due for release in 2010.

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