Delerium Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Delerium Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Run For It (Feat: Leigh Nash)
2 Truly
3 Aria
4 Magic (Feat: Julee Cruise)
5 After All (Andrew Sega Remix)
6 Love (Feat: Zoe Johnston)
7 Heaven's Earth (Key South Remix)
8 Fallen (Feat: Rani)
9 Lost And Found
10 Returning
11 Stopwatch Hearts (Feat: Emily Haines)
12 Dust In Gravity
13 Sky (Tears From Heaven)
14 Made to Move
15 Music Box Opera
16 Just a Dream
17 Nature's Kingdom
18 A Poem for Byzantium
19 Serenity
20 Continuum
21 Lock Down
22 Enchanted
23 Orbit of Me
24 Myth
25 Forever After
26 Dark Visions
27 Still Kill
28 Underwater (Above And Beyond's 21st Century Mix)
29 You & I
30 Eternal Odyssey
31 Silence
32 After All (Feat: Jael/Lunik)
33 Paris
34 Days Turn into Nights (Teen Daze Remix)
35 Run for It
36 Ray
37 Send Me an Angel (Reely Chill Mix)
38 After All
39 Stopwatch Hearts
40 Nature's Kingdom II
41 Glimmer
42 Truly (Wise Buddah Radio Edit)
43 After All (Revelation Mixshow Mix by the Passengerz)
44 Blue Fires
45 Touched
46 Aurora
47 Euphoria
48 Innocente (Mr. Sams’ the Space Between Us Remix Edit)
49 Zero
50 Silence (W&W vs. Jonas Stenberg Remix)
51 Euphoria (Firefly)
52 Underwater (Jim Skreech Remix Edit)
53 Keep on Dreaming
54 Send Me an Angel (Streets of Fandango Remix)
55 Love
56 Consciousness Of Love
57 Stay
58 Self-Saboteur
59 Inner Sanctum
60 Orbit Of Me (Feat: Leigh Nash)
61 Monarch
62 Angels
63 Til the End of Time
64 Fleeting Instant
65 The Way You Want It To Be
66 Duende
67 Days Turn Into Nights
68 Ritual
69 Hammer
70 Magic
71 Fallen Icons
72 Chrysalis Heart
73 Seven Gates of Thebes
74 Awakening
75 Innocente
76 Extollere
77 Incantation
78 Light Your Light
79 Ghost Requiem
80 Frostbite
81 Underwater
82 Wisdom
83 Raindown
84 Once in a Lifetime
85 Keyless Door
86 Daylight
87 Flowers Become Screens
88 Fallen

Delerium Bio

Delerium is a Canadian musical group that formed in 1987, originally as a side project of the influential industrial music act Front Line Assembly. Throughout the band’s history, their musical style has encompassed a broad range, including dark ethereal ambient trance, voiceless industrial soundscapes, and electronic pop music. They are best known for their worldwide hit "Silence".

Delerium has traditionally been a two-person project, but the only constant member throughout its history has been Bill Leeb. Leeb was a guest musician and early supporter of industrial dance pioneers Skinny Puppy, but after he left in 1986 he went on to create his own project, Front Line Assembly with collaborator Michael Balch. Later, the two worked on the side project Delerium and released their first album, Faces, Forms & Illusions.

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