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Genre: Electronic

Deconstruction Albums

Deconstruction Lyrics - by Popularity

1 L.A. Song
2 Hope
3 Iris
4 Dirge
5 Fire In The Hole
6 Son
7 Big Sur
8 One
9 America
10 Sleepyhead
11 Wait For History
12 That Is All
13 Kilo
14 Get At 'em
15 Single

Deconstruction Bio

Deconstruction was a band formed by former Jane's Addiction members, guitarist Dave Navarro and bassist Eric Avery. Originally their former Jane's Addiction bandmate drummer Stephen Perkins was slated to be Deconstruction's drummer but instead joined Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell's new band Porno for Pyros. Drummer Michael Murphey was instead recruited for percussion duties.

The band, all Los Angeles residents, recorded material in a studio somewhere along the Big Sur coastline in California and released a self titled LP in 1994 to little public appeal and varied critical acclaim.

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