Deburgh Chris Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Deburgh Chris Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Snows Of New York
2 I Had The Love In My Eyes
3 Missing You
4 High On Emotion
5 Carry Me (Like A Fire In Your Heart)
6 Patricia The Stripper
7 Tender Hands
8 Something Else Again
9 Just Another Poor Boy
10 The Girl With April In Her Eyes
11 Say Goodbye To It All
12 The Lady In Red
13 The Tower
14 A Spaceman Came Travelling
15 This Song For You
16 I'm Not Scared Anymore
17 Just A Word Away
18 This Waiting Heart
19 Where Peaceful Waters Flow
20 Watching the World
21 So Beautiful
22 The Revolution
23 The Leader
24 Always on My Mind
25 Quiet Moments
26 Lonesome Cowboy
27 The Last Time I Cried
28 I'm Going Home
29 Light A Fire
30 The Vision
31 One More Mile To Go
32 Turning Round
33 The Risen Lord
34 Liberty
35 What About Me?
36 Eastern Wind
37 The Devil's Eye
38 Goodnight
39 Fire On The Water
40 Lonely Sky
41 Here Is Your Paradise
42 The Ecstasy Of Flight (I Love The Night)
43 Tourist Attraction
44 You And Me
45 Old Friend
46 In Love Forever
47 Sight And Touch
48 Some Things Never Change
49 The Traveller
50 Spanish Train
51 It's Me (And I'm Ready To Go)
52 Taking It To The Top
53 Sailor
54 Satin Green Shutters
55 The Painter
56 Separate Tables
57 The Sound Of A Gun
58 Shadows and Light
59 Flying Home
60 A Night On The River
61 The Head And The Heart
62 Fatal Hesitation
63 Man On The Line
64 Wall of Silence
65 Forevermore
66 Moonlight And Vodka
67 Tonight
68 Don't Look Back
69 Dont Pay The Ferryman
70 Much More Than This
71 If You Really Love Her, Let Her Go
72 Transmission Ends
73 The Record Company Bash
74 Ship to Shore
75 In a Country Churchyard
76 Carry On (Reprise)
77 Carry On
78 New Moon
79 Diamond in the Dark
80 Last Night
81 Girl
82 Crusader
83 Sin City
84 Leather On My Shoes
85 Borderline
86 Living On The Island
87 The Ballroom of Romance
88 Discovery
89 Windy Night
90 Don't Pay The Ferryman
91 Crying And Laughing
92 The Spirit of Man
93 Shine On
94 It's Such A Long Way Home
95 The Key
96 Sailing Away
97 The Getaway
98 I'm Counting On You
99 One Word (Straight To The Heart)
100 In Dreams
101 Just In Time
102 Hold On
103 Suddenly Love
104 All The Love I Have Inside
105 For Rosanna
106 I'm Not Crying Over You
107 Old Fashioned People

Deburgh Chris Bio

Chris de Burgh (born Christopher John Davison, 15 October 1948) is a British/Irish singer-songwriter. He is most famous for his 1986 love song "The Lady in Red".

De Burgh was born in Venado Tuerto, Argentina, to Colonel Charles Davison, a British diplomat, and Maeve Emily de Burgh, an Irish secretary. His father had substantial farming interests, and he spent much of his early years in Malta, Nigeria and Zaire, as he, his mother and brother accompanied Colonel Davison on his diplomatic and engineering work.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_deburgh