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Genre: R&B

Deborah Cox Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Love Is Not Made In Words
2 Baby, You've Got what it takes
3 We Can't Be Friends"(feat. R.L. from Next
4 Squeeze Me
5 Everybody Dance (Clap Your Hands)
6 Saying Goodbye
7 Love Is On The Way
8 Never Gonna Break My Heart Again
9 All Over Me
10 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
11 Play Your Part
12 The Morning After
13 Did You Ever Love Me?
14 We Can't Be Friends
15 Nobody's Supposed To Be Here (Hex Hector Radio Edit)
16 Absolutely Not
17 Where Do We Go 2
18 It's Over Now (Music Track With Sample)
19 Up & Down (Remix)"(feat. Jadakiss
20 Mr Lonely (Hex Hector Mix)
21 I Won't Give Up
22 You Know Where My Heart Is
23 Up & Down (Remix)
24 Nobody's Supposed To Be Here (Dance Remix)
25 One Day You Will
26 One Wish
27 Beautiful U R
28 September
29 Things Just Ain't The Same
30 The Promise
31 My First Night with You
32 My Radio
33 Absolutely Not (Chanel mix)
34 Givin' It Up
35 Things Just Ain't the Same (Dance Mix)
36 Easy As Life
37 Things Just Ain't The Same (Dance Radio Mix) - Hex's Radio Edit
38 Just A Dance
39 All Hearts Aren't Shaped the Same
40 (Never Knew Love Could) Hurt So Much
41 Beautiful U R (Soul Seekerz Dub)
42 September In The Rain
43 Beautiful U R (Eddie Baez & Yiannis Mix)
44 Can't We Be Friends?
45 Play Your Part (Groove Junkies Radio)
46 Something Happened On The Way To Heaven (Valentin Mix Radio Edit)
47 Who Do You Love
48 Absolutely Not (Radio Edit)
49 Play Your Part (Leading Role Radio)
50 Nobody's Supposed To Be Here (Exclusive live track)
51 Like I Did
52 Bring On the Men
53 Everybody Dance
54 Look To The Rainbow
55 Nobodys Suppose to Be Here
56 Things Just Ain't the Same (Music Track With Sample)
57 Play Your Part (Gabriel & Dresden Radio)
58 Play Your Part (Leading Role Radio Mix)
59 Couldn't We
60 It Could've Been You (Mass Avenue Hip Hop Remix)
61 It's Over Now (album version)
62 Sympathy, Tenderness
63 Absolutely Not (Radio TV Track)
64 Thing's Just Ain't the Same (Hex Hector radio edit)
65 Sentimental (Uptempo mix)
66 Same Script, Different Cast
67 Absolutely Not (Remix Radio)
68 September (Rasio Edit)
69 I Never Knew
70 Up & Down (Godson Remix)
71 Definition of Love
72 Oh My Gosh!
73 Sound of My Tears
74 Absolutely Not (Junior's Earth People Dub)
75 Things Just Ain't the Same (Hex Hector radio edit)
76 Everybody Dance (Offer Nissim Radio)
77 Sentimental (Groove mix)
78 This Bitter Earh
79 Absolutely Not (Chanel Dub Mix)
80 I Never Knew (Hani Remix)
81 It's over Now
82 Nobody's Supposed to Be Here
83 More Than I Knew
84 Who Do U Love (David Morales Mix)
85 Did You Ever Love Me (Radio Edit)
86 Fine and Mellow
87 Everybody Dance (Tony Moran Club)
88 Sentimental (Bounce mix)
89 Mr. Lonely
90 Easy As Life (Radio Edit)
91 I Never Knew (Hani Anthem Vocal Mix)
92 Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here
93 Kinda Miss You
94 Starting With You
95 Absolutely Not (Chanel Club Extended Mix Edit)
96 Something Happened On the Way to Heaven
97 Up & Down
98 Sentimental (E-Smooth House dub)
99 Beautiful U R (Martin Accorsi Radio)
100 Easy As Life (Mixshow Edit)
101 Starting With You (Danny Sullivan & Kemist Mix)
102 Just When I Think I'm Over You
103 I'm Your Natural Woman
104 Beautiful U R (Yinon Club Mix)
105 Absolutely Not (Hex Hector/Mac Quayle Chanel Mix)
106 Destination Moon
107 Like I Did (Radio Edit)
108 Sentimental (Uno Clio dub)
109 Things Just Ain't The Same (Hex Hextor Club Mix)
110 Easy As Life (Club Mix)
111 How Did You Get Here
112 It Could've Been You
113 Beautiful U R (Manox Remix)
114 Beautiful U R (Yinon Yahel Radio)
115 What A Difference A Day Made
116 Mr. Lonely (Hex Hector / Mac Quayle dub mix)
117 Play Your Part (Groove Junkies Classic Mix)
118 It Could've Been You (Dave Morales Club Mix I)
119 Beautiful U R (Cajjmere Wray Radio Mix)
120 I’m Your Natural Woman
121 If It Wasn't for Love (Promise Land remix)
122 Up And Down (In And Out)
123 Beautiful U R (Yinon Club Instrumental)
124 Misery
125 Up & Down (Hex Hector / Mac Quayle Analog club mix)
126 Things Just Ain't the Same (Hex's Radio Edit)
127 Play Your Part (Leading Role Club Mix)
128 Call Me
129 Beautiful U R Jody Den Broeder Radio (Remix)
130 Oh My Gosh
131 We Can't Be Friends (with R.L.)
132 If It Wasn't for Love (Bash! Dash! remix)
133 Who Do U Love
134 Beautiful U R (Gabi Newman Radio)
135 Mr. Lonely (Junior Vasquez club Lonely mix)
136 Play Your Part - Leading Role Mixshow
137 Things Just Ain't The Same (Dance Remix)
138 Just Be Good to Me
139 Everybody Dance (Offer Nissim Remix)
140 If It Wasn't For Love
141 If It Wasn't for Love (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda club remix)
142 Thy Will Be Done
143 Beautiful U R (Gabi Newman Club Remix)
144 This Bitter Earth
145 Mr. Lonely (Widelife radio mix)
146 Everybody Dance (Offer Nissim Club)
147 Something Happened On the Way Heaven (Valentin Club Mix)
148 Beautiful U R (Martin Accorsi Vocal)
149 Higher
150 If It Wasn't for Love (Cajjmere Wray dub mix)
151 Who Do U Love ( Morales Mix )
152 Beautiful U R (Gabi Newman Club Instrumental)
153 Mr. Lonely (Widelife club mix)
154 Everybody Dance (Tony Moran Radio)
155 Beautiful U R (Cajjmere Dub Radio Mix)
156 Sentimental - Re-recorded / Remastered
157 2 Good 2 Be True
158 If It Wasn't for Love (Bash! Dash! radio edit)
159 Up & Down (In & Out)
160 Beautiful U R (Massimo Nocito Radio)
161 New Blowtop Blues
162 Mr. Lonely (Johnny Vicious Retro disco mix)
163 Down 4 U
164 Beautiful U R (Cajjmere Club Radio Mix)
165 Easy As Life (Radio Mix)
166 If It Wasn't for Love (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Original Mix)
167 Everybody Dance (Radio Edit)
168 Sentimental - Remastered
169 If It Wasn't for Love (Bash ! Dash ! Remix)
170 Beautiful U R (Massimo Nocito Club Mix)
171 Blue Skies
172 Up & Down (Godson mix)
173 Absolutely Not (Mixshow Instrumental)
174 It Could Have Been You - Album Version
175 Sentimental
176 Nobody's Supposed to Be Here (dance mix)
177 Like I Did - Radio Edit & Album Version
178 If It Wasn't for Love (Paperchaser Mix)
179 Beautiful U R (Soul Seekerz Radio)
180 I Don't Hurt Anymore
181 This Gift
182 Play Your Part (Leading Role Dub)
183 It Could've Been You (David Morales Club Mix 1)
184 The Sound Of My Tears
185 Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here (dance mix)
186 It's Over Now - Junior Vasquez Dub Club Dub
187 Hurt so Much
188 If It Wasn't for Love (Bash ! Dash ! Radio Edit)
189 Beautiful U R (Soul Seekerz Club Mix)
190 I Won't Complain
191 Play Your Part (Leading Role Mix Show)
192 It's Over Now (Hex's Retro-Future Mix)
193 Where Do We Go from Here
194 September (KayGee Remix)

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Deborah Cox Bio

Deborah Cox (born July 13, 1974) is a Canadian R&B singer-songwriter and actress. Her 1998 song "Nobody's Supposed to Be Here" held the record for longest-running number one single on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart (14 weeks), a record held for nearly eight years. She has achieved ten number-one hits on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart. She is often cited as Canada's top R&B artist.

Deborah Cox was born in Toronto, Ontario to parents of Afro-Guyanese descent, grew up in Scarborough, Toronto and attended Earl Haig Secondary School. She began singing for TV commercials at age 12, and entered various talent shows with the help of her mother. She performed in nightclubs as a teenager, and began to write music around the same time. Cox entered the music industry in the early '90s, performing as a backup vocalist for Celine Dion for six months. After receiving many rejection letters from Canadian record labels that claimed their "quota" had been reached, Cox moved to Los Angeles, California in 1994 with producer and songwriting partner, Lascelles Stephens.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deborah_Cox