Debbie Gibson Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Debbie Gibson Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I Will Let You Go
2 Love In Disguise
3 The Most Beautiful Love Song
4 Out of the Blue
5 Will You Love Me Tomorrow
6 Take Me Home For Christmas
7 Only In My Dreams
8 Where I Wanna Be
9 You Know Me
10 Butterflies Are Free
11 Anything Is Possible
12 Foolish Beat
13 Shock Your Mama
14 Shake Your Love
15 The Streets Of London
16 Prelude
17 Stand Your Ground
18 Electric Youth
19 Where Have You Been?
20 Another Brick Falls
21 Goodbye
22 Love Or Lust
23 How Can This Be?
24 Silence Speaks (a Thousand Words)
25 Didn't Have The Heart
26 Sleigh Ride
27 It Must've Been My Boy
28 Down That Road
29 Kisses 4 One
30 Nobody's You
31 We Could Be Together
32 Dontcha Want Me Now?
33 So Close To Forever
34 Lead Them Home My Dreams
35 What Part Of No
36 Little Birdie
37 Ode To A Would Be Lover
38 Who Loves Ya Baby?
39 For Better Or Worse
40 Mood Swings
41 Jaded
42 Losin' Myself
43 Interlude/tony's Rehearsal
44 Taken By You
45 Negative Energy
46 M.Y.O.B. (Dance Mix)
47 Love Or Money
48 Only Words
49 Let's Run Away
50 One Hand One Heart
51 People
52 Think With Your Heart
53 One Step Ahead
54 Tear Down These Walls
55 Staying Together
56 Too Fancy
57 Til You Come Back Again
58 Reverse Psychology
59 When I Say No
60 Call Yourself A Lover
61 Two Young Kids
62 Whose World Is It
63 Eyes Of The Child
64 Without You
65 Sure
66 Cry Tonight
67 Helplessly In Love
68 You Don't Have To See
69 Knock Three Times
70 This So-called Miracle
71 Don't Rain On My Parade
72 Lost In Your Eyes
73 Between The Lines
74 Come Home
75 Wishing You Were Here
76 Try
77 Give Me Your Love
78 Fallen Angel
79 Don't Flirt With Me
80 In Blue
81 I Can't
82 No More Rhyme
83 Play The Field
84 Dream
85 The One
86 Do You Have It In Your Heart?
87 Over The Wall
88 Red Hot
89 Heart And Soul
90 What You Want
91 Free Me
92 Just Wasn't Love
93 Shades Of The Past
94 Wake Up To Love
95 I Come From America
96 Deep Down
97 M.Y.O.B.
98 Moonchild
99 Should've Been the One
100 Can't Do It Alone
101 In His Mind
102 Your Secret
103 Naturally
104 Dancin' In My Mind

Debbie Gibson Bio

Deborah Ann "Debbie" Gibson (born August 31, 1970) is an American singer-songwriter who was a teen pop icon. She was popular in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. At the age of 17, Gibson was the youngest artist ever to write, produce, and perform a Billboard Hot 100 # 1 hit single (in the USA) with her song "Foolish Beat", effectively taking the crown from her then teen idol George Michael (who had, coincidentally, been asked to produce "Foolish Beat," but passed on the opportunity).

She appeared repeatedly on the covers of teen magazines (in the USA), such as Tiger Beat. She has gone on to starring roles on Broadway and touring musicals, as well as independent film and television work. She continues to record, and reached the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart as high as # 24 during 2006 in a duet with Jordan Knight titled "Say Goodbye."

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