Deadsy Song Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Deadsy Bio

Deadsy is an American rock band from California. They have played many shows in California, but have also toured nationally multiple times as well as touring as part of the Family Values Tour.

Deadsy started out in 1995, when Elijah Blue Allman (known within the band lineup by his stage name Philips Exeter Blue I) decided he would get a record deal to support himself. He recorded a handful of demos with Alec Puro and later sent a Juno 106 keyboard to Renn as an invitation to join the band.

Deadsy was quickly signed to Sire Records, and they got working on writing new songs. Because they had no bass player at the time Jay Gordon (of Orgy) was asked to play bass for their short self-titled album. After the album was recorded and released for promotion, Craig Riker joined on bass as a full time member, and they were once again writing songs for the upcoming full length Commencement. Only a few songs were written for the new album as the band had planned to re-release most tracks from the self-titled album.

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