Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I Was Right And You Were Wrong
2 Christmas And Glasgow
3 Twist And Shout
4 Into The Good Night
5 The World Is Lit By Lightning
6 Beautifully Still
7 Wake Up And Dream
8 Jesus Do Your Hands Still Feel The Rain
9 The Friends Of Billy Bear
10 Hang Your Head
11 Plastic Shoes
12 Something About Ireland
13 What You Are
14 Long Window To Love
15 You Don't Understand (unreleased)
16 Will We Be Lovers
17 I Will See You Tomorrow
18 James Joyce Soles
19 Town To Be Blamed
20 Hear On The Wind
21 Always Alone
22 Chairman Mao's Vacation
23 Your Swaying Arms
24 A Is For Astronaut
25 Deathwork Song
26 Bethlehems Gate
27 Rosie Gordon Lies So Still
28 Love You Like A Son
29 Born In A Storm
30 Homesick
31 Fourteen Years
32 The River Is Wide
33 Dignity
34 A Brighter Star Than You Will Shine
35 Suprised By Joy
36 I Am Born
37 Last Night I Dreamed Of Henry Thomas
38 Freedom Train
39 When Sinners Fall
40 Message To Michael
41 Waves Of Sorrow
42 He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now
43 Closing Time
44 The Germans Are Out Today
45 Now That You're Here
46 Only Tender Love
47 Gentle Teardrops
48 Circus Lights
49 Mexico Rain
50 Loaded
51 Cover From The Sky
52 Fellow Hoodlums
53 Vision On
54 Out There
55 Peace,jobs And Freedom
56 Ghost
57 Fergus Sings The Blues
58 My America
59 Ash Wednesday
60 Love's Great Fears
61 Goodnight Jamsie
62 All I Want
63 Rae
64 Goin' Back
65 Love And Regret
66 My Friend Tonight
67 Blue Horse
68 Ragman
69 Beautiful Stranger
70 Silverlake
71 Your Town
72 Golden Bells
73 Orphans
74 Only Love Remains
75 Cresswell Street
76 Raintown
77 This Train Will Take You Anywhere
78 Cold Easter
79 Good
80 One Hundred Things
81 Pimp Talking
82 Earth A Little Lighter
83 The Very Thing
84 One Day I'll Go Walking
85 Almost Beautiful
86 Good Evening Philadelphia
87 Queen Of The New Year
88 Proud To Be An Arab
89 Here's Singer
90 When Will You (make My Telephone Ring)
91 The Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail
92 Love Hurts
93 Icarus
94 Hey Craig
95 Real Gone Kid
96 Ronnie Spector
97 I Love You
98 A Week In Politics (is A Long Time)
99 The Wildness
100 Are You There (with Another Girl)
101 Jack Singer
102 I'll Never Fall In Love Again
103 Sad Loved Girl
104 Shake Some Action
105 I'm Sure Buddy Would Know
106 Walking Back Home
107 Back Here In Beanoland
108 Love Isn't Hard Its Strong
109 Indigo Sky
110 Silhouette
111 S.h.a.r.o.n.
112 My Only Tie
113 Checkout Girls
114 When You Are Young
115 Bound To Love
116 Promise You Rain
117 Still In The Mood
118 On The Line
119 Don't Look Back
120 All Over The World
121 Radio On
122 It's Not Funny Anymore
123 This Changing Light
124 Take Me To The Place
125 The Further North You Go
126 Little India
127 Disneyworld
128 I've Been Making Such A Fool
129 Wages Day
130 That Brilliant Feeling
131 The Undeveloped Heart
132 Even Higher Ground
133 Cut Lip
134 Don't Let The Teardrops Start
135 The Lovers
136 Your Constant Heart
137 Some People Last Winter
138 Every Time You Sleep
139 Fall So Freely Down
140 Faifley
141 Little Lincoln
142 Starring Love
143 The Look Of Love
144 Chocolate Girl

Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross Bio

Deacon Blue are a Scottish pop band formed in Glasgow during 1985. Their name was taken from the title of the Steely Dan song "Deacon Blues". The band consists of vocalist Ricky Ross and Lorraine McIntosh, keyboard player James Prime and drummer Dougie Vipond.

The band released their debut album, Raintown on May 1, 1987 in the United Kingdom, it was released in the United States in February 1988. The album, widely praised as Deacon Blue's finest work, has the overtones of a concept album relating to the struggles of getting by in life in the inner city of urban life - the city being unmistakably Glasgow, referenced by the roots of the band and by the famous images on the cover of the album, the view of a rainy day over Glasgow's West End (with the Finnieston Crane featuring prominently) and, on the rear, a long-exposure capture of the Kingston Bridge blasting through the city centre at night.

Their second studio album, When The World Knows Your Name (1989) topped the UK Album Charts for two weeks, and included "Real Gone Kid" which became their first UK top ten single.