De Heideroosjes Song Lyrics

Genre: Rock

De Heideroosjes Bio

Heideroosjes (HR in short), is a punk band from Horst aan de Maas, the Netherlands. The band's lyrics are in Dutch, English, German and Limburgs (a Dutch dialect spoken in the Dutch province of Limburg). The band, formed in 1989, consists of Marco Roelofs (vocals), Frank Kleuskens (guitar), Fred Houben (Bass) and Igor Hobus (percussion). The band's name means "heath roses" and was chosen for its ironic contrast with the many punk band names that reflect dark, sexual, or violent themes. The name is derived from a cabaret conference of Belgian comedian Urbanus, who mockingly said he wrote a song for "a punk band from Limburg called de Heideroosjes".

In November and December 2005 Heideroosjes did an Ode to the Ramones tour in Holland and Belgium, during this tour they only played covers from their heroes: The Ramones. They dressed like them and called themselves Ramroosjes. The band recently made the Dutch national news by making a song with the mayor of Maastricht, Gerd Leers. In this song 'dope man' they mock the Dutch soft drug policy, which in their eyes is hypocritical. A few weeks later the Dutch minister of Justice, Piet Hein Donner, recorded a rap song with rapper Meester G responding to 'dope man' by defending his soft drug policy.

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